22nd European Bioenergetics Conference 2024 (EBEC2024)#

Date: 26th - 31st August 2024
Venue: Innsbruck, Austria

Cutting-edge research on mitochondria & chloroplasts, metabolism, and disease#

Members of Academia Europaea are invited to participate in the 22nd European Bioenergetics Conference 2024 (EBEC2024) which takes place in Innsbruck, Austria, from 26th – 31st August 2024. Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub is co-operating with EBEC24, What is Life, an international conference which takes place at the University of Innsbruck this summer.

There will be approximately 100 invited lectures from leading life scientists, including the Nobel laureates and Academia Europaea Members (MAEs) Hartmut Michel and Sir John Walker, as well as several other MAEs (Paolo Bernardi, Barbara Cannon, Fernando Palmieri, Ole Petersen and Luca Scorrano).


Early Bird registration is now open (until end of March).

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