History and archaeology#

The History and Archaeology section is traditionally very broad and is open to all fields and disciplines that study the large variety of aspects of human development through time in order to characterize a historical period in a cultural region. Phenomena, and the way they change through time, might arise in one geographical area but not in another, and are accessible via a broad range of texts and artefacts. As a consequence, one and the same phenomenon, considered under different epistemologies, may be legitimately studied using opposed or even incompatible methodologies. Research related to this section of the AE is not meant to advance any particular paradigm, which is why the section is not confined in topic, temporal or spatial regions, epistemology, and even methodology. By promoting such a broad approach to all phenomena of human development in their historical dimension, the section aims at promoting interdisciplinarity and encouraging the diffusion of methodological innovations from one field to another.


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