Peter Zoller - Publications#

Hirsch Index: over 90
Number of ctiations: over 30.000
Number of papers: Exceeding 350

Most recent/ most important publications:

Quantum Computations with Cold Trapped Ions, Cirac, JI; Zoller, P, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 74 4091-4094, 1995

Cold bosonic atoms in optical lattices, Jaksch, D; Bruder, C; Cirac, JI; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 81, 3108-3111, 1998

Long-distance quantum communication with atomic ensembles and linear optics, Duan, LM; Lukin, MD; Cirac, JI; et al., NATURE 414, 413-418, 2001

Quantum state transfer and entanglement distribution among distant nodes in a quantum network, Cirac, JI; Zoller, P; Kimble, HJ; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 78: 3221-3224 , 1997

Inseparability criterion for continuous variable systems, Duan, LM; Giedke, G; Cirac, JI; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 84: 2722-2725, 2000

Quantum repeaters: The role of imperfect local operations in quantum communication, Briegel, HJ; Dur, W; Cirac, JI; et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 81: 5932-5935, 1998
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