Partial List of Publications#

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5. K. Beauchard and E. Zuazua, Large time asymptotics for partially dissipative hyperbolic systems, Arch. Rational Mech. Anal., 199 (2011) 177-227. (18 WoS Citations)
6. E. Zuazua, Switching control, J. Eur. Math. Soc., 13, (2011) 85-117. (14 WoS Cit.)
7. E. Zuazua, Averaged controllability, Automatica, 50 (2014) 3077–3087. (3 GS Cit.)
8. A. Marica and E. Zuazua, Propagation of 1-D waves in regular discrete heterogeneous media: A Wigner measure approach, J. FoCM, 2014, DOI: 10.1007/s10208-014-9232-x (14 GS Cit.)
9. S. Ervedoza and E. Zuazua. On the numerical approximation of exact controls for waves, Springer Briefs in Mathematics, 2013, XVII, 122 pp. (26 GS cit.)
10. A. Marica and E. Zuazua. Symmetric discontinuous Galerkin approximations of 1-d waves:
Fourier analysis, propagation, observability and applications, Springer Briefs in Mathematics, 2014, 114 pp.
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