Wenyi Wei - Selected Publications#

1. Wei, W.*, Ayad, N. G.*, Wan, Y., Zhang, G.-J., Kirschner, M. W. and Kaelin, W. G., Jr. (2004)
Degradation of the SCF component Skp2 in cell-cycle phase G1 by the anaphase promoting complex.
Nature 428: 194-8. PMID: 15014503.

2. Inuzuka, H., Shaik, S., Onoyama, I., Gao, D., Tseng, A., Maser, R.S., Zhai, B., Wan, L., Gurierrez,
A., Lau, A.W., Xiao, Y., Christie, A.L., Aster, J., Settleman, J., Gygi, S.P., Kung, A. L., Look, T.,
Nakayama, K. I., DePinho, R. A. and Wei, W. (2011) SCFFbw7 regulates cellular apoptosis by targeting Mcl-1 for ubiquitination and destruction. Nature 471:104-9 PMID: 21368833.

3. Inuzuka, H.*, Gao, D.*, Finley, L., Yang, W., Wan, L., Fukushima, H., Chin, Y. C., Zhai, B., Shaik,
S., Lau, A., W., Wang, Z., Gygi, S. P., Nakayama, K., Teruya-Feldstein, J., Toker, A., Haigis, M., Pandolfi, P.P. and Wei, W. (2012) Acetylation-dependent regulation of Skp2 function. Cell 150(1): 179-193. PMID: 22770219.

4. Liu, P., Bagley, M., Michowski, W., Inuzuka, H., Ginzberg, M., Gao, D., Tsou, P., Gan, W., Papa, A., Kim, B. M., Wan, L., Singh, A., Zhai, B., Yuan, M., Wang, Z., Gygi, S. P., Lee, T. H., Lu, K. P., Toker, A., Pandolfi, P.P., Asara, J. M., Kirschner, M. W., Sicinski, P., Cantley, L.C. and Wei, W. (2014) Cellcycle-regulated activation of Akt kinase by phosphorylation at its carboxyl terminus. Nature 508(7497):541-5. PMID: 24670654.

5. Liu, P., Gan, W., Chin, Y. R., Ogura, K., Guo, J., Zhang, J., Wang, B., Blenis, J., Cantley, L.C., Toker, A., Su, B.# and Wei, W.# (2015) PtdIns(3,4,5)P3-dependent Activation of the mTORC2 Kinase Complex. Cancer Discovery 5(11):1194-209. PMID: 26293922.

6. Guo, J., Chakraborty, A. K., Liu, P., Gan, W., Zheng, X., Inuzuka, H., Wang, B., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Novak, J., Yuan, M., Cheng, J. Q., Toker, A., Signroretti, S., Zhang, Q., Asara, J. M., Kaelin, Jr., W. G., and Wei, W. (2016) pVHL suppresses kinase activity of Akt in a proline-hydroxylation dependent manner. Science 353(6302):929-32. PMID: 27563096.

7. Wang, B*, Jie, Z. *, Joo, D., Ordureau, A., Liu, P., Gan, W., Guo, J., Zhang, J., North, J.B., Dai, X., Cheng, X., Bian, X., Zhang, L., Harper, J.W., Sun, S. # and Wei, W. # (2017) TRAF2 and OTUD7B govern a ubiquitin-dependent switch regulating mTORC2 signaling complex. Nature 545(7654):365-369. PMID: 28489822.

8. Zhang, J. *, Bu, X. *, Wang, H. *, Zhu, Y., Geng, Y., Nihira, N. T., Tan, Y., Ci, Y., Wu, F., Dai, X., Guo, J., Huang, Y., Fan, C., Ren, S., Sun, Y., Freeman, G. #, Sicinski, P. # and Wei, W. # (2019) Cyclin D-CDK4 kinase destabilizes PD-L1 via Cul3SPOP to control cancer immune surveillance. Nature 553(7686):91-95. PMID: 29160310.

9. Liu, J., Chen, H., Ma, L., He, Z., Wang, D., Liu, Y., Lin, Q., Zhang, T., Gray, N., Kaniskan, H.M., Jin, J. #, Wei, W. # (2020) Light-induced control of protein destruction by opto-PROTAC. Science Advances 6(8):eaay5154. PMID: 32128407.

10. Dai, X*, Bu, X*, Gao, Y*, Guo, J, Hu, J, Jiang, J, Zhang, Z, Xu, K, Duan, J, He, S, Zhang, J, Wan, L, Liu, T, Zhou, X, Hung, M-C, Freeman, G #, Wei, W. # (2021) Energy status dictates PD-L1 protein abundance and anti-tumor immunity to enable checkpoint blockade. Molecular Cell 81(11):2317-2331.

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