Martin Weber - Selected Publications#

Ungeheuer, M., & Weber, M. (2020). The Perception of Dependence, Investment Decisions, and Stock Prices. Journal of Finance, forthcoming.

Glaser, M., Iliewa, Z., & Weber, M. (2019). Thinking about prices versus thinking about returns in financial markets, Journal of Finance 74, 2997-3039.

Merkle, C., Heuer, J. & Weber, M. (2016). Fooled by Randomness: Investor Perception of Fund Manager Skill, Review of Finance 21, 605 – 635.

Ehm, C., Kaufmann, C. & Weber, M. (2014). Volatility Inadaptability: Investors Care About Risk, but can´t Cope with Volatility, Review of Finance 18, 1387–1423.

Kaufmann, C., Weber, M. & Haisley, E. (2013). The Role of Experience Sampling and Graphical Displays on One's Investment Risk Appetite, Management Science 59, 323-340.

Baucells, M., Weber, M. & Welfens, F. (2011). Reference-Point Formation and Updating, Management Science 57, 506-519.

Norden, L. & Weber, M. (2010). Credit Line Usage, Checking Account Activitiy, and Default Risk of Bank Borrowers, Review of Financial Studies 23, 3665-3699.

Biais, B. & Weber, M. (2009). Hindsight Bias, Risk Perception and Investment Performance, Management Science 55, 1018-1029.

Klos, A., Weber, E.U., & Weber, M. (2005). Investment Decisions and Time Horizon: Risk Perception and Risk Behavior in Repeated Gambles, Management Science 51, 1777-1790.

Camerer, C., Loewenstein, G., & Weber, M. (1989). The Curse of Insight in Economic Settings: an Experimental Analysis, Journal of Political Economy 97, 1232-1254.

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