Jackline Wahba - Selected Publications#

Corrado Giulietti, Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou, Strong versus Weak Ties in Migration, European Economic Review, 2018, 104: 111-137.

Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Joel Machado and Jackline Wahba, Remigration Plans and Migrants' Behaviour, Regional Science & Urban Economics, January 2018, 68, 56-72.

Jackline Wahba, Selection, Selection, Selection: the impact of return migration, Journal of Population Economics. July 2015, 28: 535-563. Lead article.

Assaf Razin and Jackline Wahba, Welfare Magnet Hypothesis, Fiscal Burden and Immigration Skill Selectivity, Journal of Scandinavian Economics, vol. 117: 2, 2015.

Govert Bijwaard, Christian Schluter and Jackline Wahba, The Impact of Labour Market Dynamics on the Return-Migration of Immigrants, Review of Economics & Statistics, vol. 96(3): 483–494, 2014.

Govert Bijwaard, and Jackline Wahba, Do high-income or low-income immigrants leave faster? Journal of Development Economics. May 2014. (Co-authored with G. Bijwaard)

Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou, Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Migration, Entrepreneurship and Social Capital. Regional Science and Urban Economics, Sept 2012, vol. 42, 890-903.

Density, social networks and job search methods: Theory and application to Egypt. Journal of Development Economics , December 2005, vol. 78, 2, 443-473. (co-authored with Yves Zenou). (241 citations)

Barry McCormick and Jackline Wahba, Overseas Work Experience, Savings and Entrepreneurship amongst Return Migrants to LDCs. The Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Special Issue, May 2001, vol.48, no2,164-178. (340 citations).

Barry McCormick and Jackline Wahba, Overseas Employment and Remittances to a Dual Economy, April 2000, The Economic Journal, vol. 110 no 463, 509-534.

Citations 2252; h-index 24; i10-index 43.

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