Stella Vosniadou - Selected Publications#

1. Vosniadou, S. & Brewer, W.F. (1992). Mental models of the earth: A study of conceptual change in
childhood. Cognitive Psychology, 24, 535-585.

This paper broke new ground in our understanding of children’s representations of the Earth. Cited in many
introductory textbooks in Psychology and Educational Psychology.
Scimago: Q1, h-index 85, Google Scholar = 1563,

2. Vosniadou, S. (1994). Capturing and modeling the process of conceptual change. Learning and
Instruction, 4, 45-69.

The first description of the theoretical framework developed explain students’ difficulties in learning science.
A highly cited article in a prestigious high ranking journal.

Scimago: Q1, h-index 65. Web of Science (WoS): third ranked journal in Education and Educational
Research. Google Scholar = 1512.

3. Vosniadou, S. (Ed.). (1st Edition 2009 and 2nd Edition 2013). International Handbook of Research on
Conceptual Change, New York: Routledge. ISBN-10: 041589882X | ISBN-13: 978-0415898829.
Cites: Google Scholar= 344

An International Handbook, now in its second edition, with 31 new and updated chapters. An important
reference book that provides detailed discussions of key theoretical and methodological issues in
conceptual change research and its implications for instruction.

4. Vosniadou, S. (2013). Model based reasoning and the learning of counter intuitive science concepts –
Razonamiento basado en modelos y el aprendizaje de conceptos cientificos contra intuitivos, Infancia y
Aprendizaje: Journal for the Study of Education and Development, 36(1), pp. 5-33.

An invited article on my research, which appeared in English and Spanish translation in an influential Latin
American Journal.

Scimago: Q2, h-index = 10.
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