Dan Cristian Vodnar - Selected Publications#

1. VODNAR, D.C., CĂLINOIU, L.F., DULF, F.V., ȘTEFĂNESCU, B.E., CRIȘAN, G., SOCACIU, C. Identification of the bioactive compounds and antioxidant, antimutagenic and antimicrobial activities of thermally processed agro-industrial waste. Food Chemistry. 2017. 231: 131-140.

2. MARTĂU, G. A., CĂLINOIU, L. F., VODNAR, D. C.* Bio-vanillin: Towards a sustainable industrial production. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2021, 109, 579-592. (*corresponding author)

3. MARTĂU, G. A., COMAN, V., VODNAR, D.C*. Recent advances in the biotechnological production of erythritol and mannitol.Critical Reviews in Biotechnology. 2020. 40 (5) 608-622(*corresponding author)

4. CĂLINOIU, L., VODNAR, D.C.*Whole Grains and Phenolic Acids: A Review on Bioactivity, Functionality, Health Benefits and Bioavailability. Nutrients. 2018. 10(11):1615. (*corresponding author). (highly cited paper according to WoS)

5. MARTĂU, G. A., MIHAI, M., VODNAR, D. C*. The Use of Chitosan, Alginate, and Pectin in the Biomedical and Food Sector Biocompatibility, Bioadhesiveness, and Biodegradability. Polymers. 2019. 11(11), 1837. (*corresponding author) (highly cited paper according to WoS)

6. COMAN, V., VODNAR, D.C*. Hydroxycinnamic acids and human health. Recent advances. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 2020. 100 (2) 483-499. (*corresponding author) (highly cited paper according to WoS)

7. DULF, F. V. VODNAR, D.C.*, TOSA, M.I., DULF, E.H. Simultaneous enrichment of grape pomace with γ-linolenic acid and carotenoids by solid-state fermentation with Zygomycetes fungi and antioxidant potential of the bioprocessed substrates. Food Chemistry.2020. 310: 125927 (*corresponding author)

8. MITREA, L., Trif, M., VODNAR, D.C*. The effect of crude glycerol impurities on 1,3-propanediol biosynthesis by Klebsiella pneumoniae DSMZ 2026. Renewable Energy. 2020; 153, 1418-1427. (*corresponding author)

9. SZABO, K., DULF, F.V., DIACONEASA, Z ., VODNAR, D.C.*Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of tomato processing byproducts and their correlation with the biochemical composition. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 2019. (*corresponding author)

10. TELEKY, B. E., VODNAR, D. C*. Biomass-Derived Production of Itaconic Acid as a Building Block in Specialty Polymers. Polymers. 2019,11(6), 1035.(*corresponding author) (Editor's choice for Cover Page)

Scientific impact: H-index=29; citations=2280; publications=171

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