Miguel John Versluys - Selected Publications#

1. M.J. Versluys, Visual style and constructing identity in the Hellenistic world. Nemrud Dağ and Commagene under Antiochos I. (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge – New York 2017)

2. T. Hodos with A. Geurds, P. Lane, I. Lilley, M. Pitts, G. Shelach, M. Stark, M.J. Versluys (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalisation (Routledge: London 2017)

3. R. Strootman, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Persianism in Antiquity (Franz Steiner Verlag: Stuttgart 2017)

4. S. Müskens, D. Braekmans, M.J. Versluys, P. Degryse, Egyptian sculptures from Imperial Rome. Non-destructive characterization of granitoid statues through macroscopic methodologies and in situ XRF analysis, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 2017, 1-16 (doi:10.1007/s12520-016-0456-3)

5. D. Boschung, A. Busch, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Reinventing 'The invention of tradition'? Indigenous pasts and the Roman present (Wilhelm Fink Verlag: München 2015)

6. M. Pitts, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Globalisation and the Roman world. World history, connectivity and material culture (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge – New York 2015)

7. C. van Eck, M.J. Versluys, P. Ter Keurs, The biography of cultures: style, objects and agency. Proposal for an interdisciplinary approach, Cahiers de l’École du Louvre. Recherches en histoire de l’art, histoire des civilisations, archéologie, anthropologie et muséologie [en ligne] no. 7 (2015) 2-22

8. L. Bricault, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Power, politics and the cults of Isis (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 180 / Brill: Leiden – Boston 2014)

9.. M.J. Versluys, Understanding objects in motion. An archaeological dialogue on Romanisation, Archaeological Dialogues 21-1 (2014) 1-20. (doi.org/10.1017/S1380203814000038)

10. M.J. Versluys, Material culture and identity in the late Roman Republic (c. 200 BC – c. 20 BC), in: J. DeRose Evans (ed.), A companion to the archaeology of the Roman Republic (Blackwell: Oxford 2013) 429-440. 

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