Janis Varna - Publications#

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Janis Varna has written chapters for 4 research books, published about 90 papers in journals and more than 70 in conference proceedings.

List of selected publications during the last 5 years:

1. Katerelos D., P. Lundmark, J. Varna and C. Galiotis, Analysis of matrix cracking in GFRP laminates using Raman spectroscopy, Composites Science and technology, 67 (2007), 1946-1954.

2. Varna J., Physical interpretation of parameters in synergistic continuum damage mechanics model for laminates, Composites science and technology, 68, No 13, (2008), 2592-2600.

3. Marklund E., J. Eitzenberger, J. Varna, Nonlinear viscoelastic viscoplastic material model including stiffness degradation for hemp/lignin composites, Composites science and technology, 68 (2008), 2156-2162.

4. Graciani, E., V. Mantič, F. París, J.Varna , Numerical analysis of debond propagation in the Single Fibre Fragmentation Test, Composites Science and Technology, (2009), vol.69, no.15-16,p. 2514-2520.

5. Farge L. Varna J. and Ayadi Z., Damage characterization of a cross-ply carbon fiber/epoxy laminate by an optical measurement of the displacement field, Composites Science and technology, (2010), vol.70,p94-101.

6. Pupurs A., Varna J. Unidirectional composite in mechanical fatigue: modelling debond growth from fibre breaks, Plastics, Rubber and Composites. - Vol. 39. pp. 128-136, 2010.

7. Peter Lundmark, Janis Varna, Stiffness reduction in laminates at high intralaminar crack density: effect of crack interaction, International Journal of Damage Mechanics 20, (2011), 279-297 .
8. Giannadakis K., P. Mannberg, R. Joffe and J. Varna, The sources of inelastic behavior of GlassFibre/Vinylester non-crimp fabric [45/-45]]s laminates, J of Reinforced Plastics and Composites,30 (12), (2011),1015-1028.

9. Sparnins E., Pupurs A., Varna J., Joffe R., Nättinen K., Lampinen J., The moisture and temperature effect on mechanical performance of flax/starch composites in quasi-static tension. Polymer Composites, 2011, (12), 2051–2061.

10. Sparnins E., Varna J., Joffe R., Nättinen K., Lampinen J., Time dependent behavior of flax/starch composites, Mechanics of Time-Dependent materials, 2012, 16, (1), 47-70.
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