Aristidis Tsatsakis - Biography#

Professor, Academician Aristidis Tsatsakis, is the Director of the Department of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences of the Medical School at the University of Crete and the University Hospital of Heraklion. He is also the inspirator, founder and chief scientific leader of the University of Crete spin-off Company ToxPlus S.A. and the startup LifePlus S.A.

Professor Tsatsakis has over 1000 publications (articles in journals, books, and abstract proceedings), of which over 700 in ISI journals and PubMed. His current IF index is 89 (GS) and 73 (Web of Science).

He has coordinated as PI over 60 scientific research and technology projects, and has established worldwide collaborations.

Professor Tsatsakis has a long-standing career as Editor and Guest Editor in toxicology journals, such as Toxicology and Toxicology Letters. Recently, he launched the Public Health and Toxicology journal as Editor-in-Chief.

The main research interests of Professor Tsatsakis include biomonitoring and risk assessment of xenobiotics as well as links of chronic exposure to them at low doses with health problems and diseases. He developed numerous biomarkers of exposure and of effects for various chemicals, in particular pesticides, pharmaceuticals etc., uncovering the mechanistic understanding of the mode of action and adverse outcome pathways leading to clinical effects and chronic diseases (metabolic, autoimmune, cancer etc.)

Professor Tsatsakis’ long-standing public activities in disseminating science for safety health and wellbeing of the society and the environment have often been endorsed and awarded by state and municipal authorities. His motivation and basic concepts highlight the important role of academia’s involvement in social life problems. The postulation of real-life risks simulation based on low dose combined long-term exposures related to health issues, is a crucial element and the central driving force for application of theory to practice on safety evaluations in the 21st century.


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