André Torre - Selected Publications#

Torre A., Wallet F., 2016, Regional Development in Rural Areas; Analytical tools and public policies, Springer briefs in Regional Science, Springer Verlag, 110 p.

Torre A., Pham H.V., Simon A., 2015, The ex-ante impact of conflict over infrastructure settings on residential property values in Paris’s suburban zones, Urban Studies, Vol. 52(13), 2404–2424, DOI: 10.1177/0042098014546499

Torre A., Wallet F., 2015, Towards New Paths for Regional and Territorial Development in Rural Areas, European Planning Studies, 23:4, 650-677, DOI:10.1080/09654313.2014.945812

Torre A., Wallet F. (eds), 2014, Regional development and proximity relations, New Horizons in regional Science, Edward Elgar, London, 375p.

Torre A., Melot R., Magsi H., Bossuet L., Cadoret A., Caron A., Darly S., Jeanneaux P., Kirat T., Pham H.V. and Kolokouris O., 2014, Identifying and measuring land-use and proximity conflicts: methods and identification, SpringerPlus, 3, 1, 85. (labellised highly accessed by Springer, more than 2000 downloads)

Magsi H., Torre A., 2014, Proximity analysis of inefficient practices and socio-spatial negligence: Evidence, evaluations and recommendations drawn from the construction of Chotiari reservoir in Pakistan, Land Use Policy, 36, 567 – 576.

Darly S., Torre A., 2013, Conflicts over farmland uses and the dynamics of “agri-urban” localities in the greater Paris region, Land Use Policy, 33, July, 90 – 99.

Torre A., Lourimi S., 2013, Proximity Relations and Firms’ Innovative Behaviours: Different Proximities in the Optics Cluster of the Greater Paris Region, in Kourtit K., Nijkamp P., Stimson R. (eds), Applied Regional Growth and Innovation Models, Advances in Spatial Science, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, N. York, 360 p.

Torre A., 2013, Proximity relationships and entrepreneurship, in Carayannis E.G. (ed), Springer Encyclopedia of creativity , invention, innovation and entrepreneurship, Springer Verlag, N. York & Heidelberg, 1908 p.

Torre A., 2008, On the role played by temporary geographical proximity in knowledge transfer, Regional Studies, vol. 42, n°6 , 869-889.
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