Peter Tompa - Selected publications#

Number of scientific publications: 138
Number of scientific books: 1
Number of citations: 6500 (ISI), 9000 (Google Scholar)
Cumulative impact factor: 807
h-index: 36 (number of papers with at least 36 citations)
w-index: 19 (number of papers with at least 100 citations)

1. Tompa, P., Tusnády, G. E., Cserző, M. and Simon, I. (2001) Prion protein: evolution caught en route. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98, 4431-4436
32 citations

2. Tompa, P. (2002) Intrinsically unstructured proteins. Trends Biochem. Sci. 27, 527-533
1182 citations

3. Tompa, P., Szász, Cs. and Buday, L. (2005) Structural disorder throws new light on moonlighting. Trends Biochem. Sci. 30, 484-489
275 citations

4. Tompa, P. and Fuxreiter, M. (2008) Fuzzy complexes: polymorphism and structural disorder in protein-protein interactions. Trends Biochem. Sci. 33, 2-8
324 citations

5. Kovács, D., Kalmár, É., Török, Zs. and Tompa, P. (2008) Chaperone activity of ERD10 and ERD14, two disordered stress-related plant proteins. Plant Physiol. 147, 381-390
131 citations

6. Fuxreiter, M., Tompa, P., Simon, I., Uversky, V.N. Hansen, J.C. Asturias, F.J. (2008) Malleable machines take shape in transcriptional regulation Nature Chem. Biol. 4, 728-737
98 citations

7. Kovacs, E., Tompa, P., Liliom, K. and Kalmar, L. (2010) Dual coding in alternative reading frames correlates with intrinsic protein disorder. PNAS USA 107, 5429–5434
20 citations

8. Tompa, P. (2012) On the supertertiary structure of proteins. Nature Chem. Biol. 18, 597-600.
18 citations

9. Herbert, C., Schieborr, U., Saxena, K., Juraszek, J., De Smet, F., Alcouffe, C., Bianciotto, M., Saladino, G., Sibrac, D., Kudlinzki, D., Sreeramulu, S.Brown, A., Rigon, P., Herault, J.P., Lassalle, G., Blundell, T.L., Rousseau, F., A. Gils, A., Schymkowitz, J., Tompa, P., Carmeliet, P., Herbert, J.M., Gervasio, F.L., Schwalbe, H., F. Bono, F. (2013) Molecular mode of action of SSR128129E, a small molecule allosteric inhibitor of FGF receptor signaling. Cancer Cell, 23, 489-501.
6 citations

10. Cilia, E., Pancsa, R., Tompa, P., Lenaerts, T. and Vranken, W. F. (2013) From protein sequence to dynamics and disorder with DynaMine. Nature Communications, 4, 2741
0 itations
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