Jens Timmermann - Selected Publications#

Kant’s “Supposed Right to Lie”, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023.

Kant’s Will at the Crossroads. An Essay on the Failings of Practical Rationality, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022.

‘The Quandary of Infanticide in Kant’s Doctrine of Right’, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (2022, ahead of print), 1–28.

‘Emerging Autonomy: Dealing with the Inadequacies of the Canon of Pure Reason (1781)’, The Emergence of Autonomy in Kant’s Moral Philosophy, Stefano Bacin and Oliver Sensen (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, 102–121.

‘Autonomy, Progress and Virtue: Why Kant Has Nothing to Fear from the Overdemandingness Objection’, Kantian Review 23 (2018), 379–397.

The Cambridge History of Moral Philosophy (ed., with Sacha Golob), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. Korean translation in preparation.

‘What’s wrong with “deontology”?’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 115 (2015), 75–92.

‘Kantian dilemmas? Moral conflict in Kant’s ethical theory’, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 95 (2013), 36–64.

Immanuel Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. A German-English Edition. Edited by Mary Gregor and Jens Timmermann, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. A Commentary, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007; Chinese translation 2022, Spanish translation in preparation.

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