Jan Philip Solovej - Selected Publications#

1. The ionization conjecture in Hartree-Fock theory, Annals of Mathematics, 158 509-576, (2003)
-Establishes the Ionization Conjecture in Hartree-Fock Theory

2. (With E.H. Lieb) Ground State Energy of the Two-Component Charged Bose Gas. Commun. Math. Phys. 252, 485 - 534, (2004)

3. Upper Bounds to the Ground State Energies of the One- and Two-Component Charged Bose Gases, Commun. Math. Phys. 266, Number 3, 797-818, (2006)
-The two papers above settles a conjecture of F. Dyson from 1967 on the energy of charged bosonic matter

4. (With Rupert L. Frank, Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer), Microscopic Derivation of Ginzburg-Landau Theory. Jour. AMS, 25, 667-713, (2012)

5. (With Elliott H. Lieb) Proof of an entropy conjecture for Bloch coherent spin states and its generalizations. Acta Math. 212, 379-398, (2014)
- Proves a conjecture by. E. Lieb that had been open for 35 years

6. (With M. Lewin, P.T. Nam, and S. Serfaty) Bogoliubov spectrum of interacting Bose gases. Comm. Pure and Applied Math., 68, 3, 413-471, (2015)

7. (With Marcin Napiórkowski and Phan Thanh Nam), Diagonalization of bosonic quadratic Hamiltonians by Bogoliubov transformations. Jour. Func. Analysis., 270, 4340-4368, 2016

8. (With Rupert L. Frank, Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer) The external field dependence of the BCS critical temperature. Commun. Math. Phys., 342, 189-216, 2016

9. (With Elliott H. Lieb) Proof of the Wehrl-type Entropy Conjecture for Symmmetric SU(N) Coherent States. Commun. Math. Phys., 348, 567-578, 2016

10. (With Søren Fournais and Birger Brietzke) A simple 2nd order lower bound to the energy of dilute Bose gases. Commun. Math. Phys., To appear.
-Shows that the celebrated Lee-Huang-Yang asymptotic formula from 1957 indeed gives the correct order of the 2nd term

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