Jan Sladek - Selected Publications#

.J. Balas, J. Sladek and V. Sladek: Stress Analysis by Boundary Element Methods, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Bratislava 1989, 686 p.
V. Sladek and J. Sladek (Eds.): Singular Integrals in Boundary Element Methods, CMP, Southampton 1998, 425 p.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, S. Krahulec, Ch. Song: Micromechanics determination of effective properties of voided magnetoelectroelastic materials, Computational Materials Science, Vol. 116, pp. 103-112, 2016.
S. Krahulec, J. Sladek, V. Sladek, Y.C. Hon: Meshless analyses for time-fractional heat diffusion in functionally graded materials. Engineering Analysis with Boudary Elements, 2016, vol. 62, p. 57-64.
.J. Sladek, V. Sladek, E. Pan: Modeling of porous piezoelectric structures by the meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 23 (2016) 233-247.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, M. Gfrerer, M. Schanz: Mindlin theory for the bending of porous plates, Acta Mechanica, 226 (2015) 1909-1928.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, P.L. Bishay, F. Garcia-Sanchez: Influence of electric conductivity on intensity factors for cracks in functionally graded piezoelectric semiconductors, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 59 (2015) 79-89.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, Ch. Zhang, M. Wunsche: Modelling of orthorhombic quasicrystal shallow shells. European Journal of Mechanics A- Solids 49 (2015) 518-530.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, M. Schanz: The MLPG applied to porous materials with variable stiffness and permeability. Meccanica 49 (2014) 2359-2373.
J. Sladek, V. Sladek, E. Pan, M. Wunsche: Fracture analysis in piezoelectric semiconductors under a thermal load. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 126 (2014) 27-39.

Publication of nearly 400 refereed journal articles and 5 books
H-factors: 40 (Google scholar), 31 (WOS)
No. of citations: 6027 (Google scholar), 3390 (WOS)
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