Jacques Poot - Publications#

Major publications since 2004:

Nijkamp P, Poot J and Sahin (eds) (2012) Migration Impact Assessment: New Horizons. Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar.

Poot J, Waldorf B and van Wissen L (eds) (2008) Migration and Human Capital. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK. Pp. 294.

Poot J (ed.) (2004) On the Edge of the Global Economy. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK. Pp. 325.

Roskruge M, Grimes A, McCann P and Poot J (2012) Social Capital and Regional Social Infrastructure Investment: Evidence from New Zealand. International Regional Science Review, 35(1): 3-25.

Akgün A, Baycan-Levent T, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2011) Roles of Local and Newcomer Entrepreneurs in Rural Development: A Comparative Meta-Analytic Study. Regional Studies, 45(9): 1207-1223.

Cameron MP and Poot J (2011) Lessons from stochastic small-area population projections: the case of Waikato subregions in New Zealand. Journal of Population Research, 28 (2-3): 245-265.

Poot J and Strutt A (2010) International Trade Agreements and International Migration. The World Economy, 33(12): 1923-1954.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2010) Meta-analyses of Labour Market Impacts of Immigration: Key Conclusions and Policy Implications. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 28: 819-833.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2010) Joint Impacts of Immigration on Wages and Employment: Review and Meta-analysis. Journal of Geographical Systems, 12(4): 355-387.

Poot J (2010) Trans-Tasman migration, Transnationalism and Economic Development in Australasia. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 19(3): 319-342.

Ozgen C, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2010) The Effect of Migration on Income Growth and Convergence: Meta-Analytic Evidence. Papers in Regional Science, 89(3): 537-561.

McCann P, Poot J and Sanderson L (2010) Migration, Relationship Capital and International Travel: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Economic Geography, 10(3): 361-387.

Meares C, Poot J and Spoonley P. with Bedford R, Bell A, Ho E (2009) The Economic Integration of Immigrants Programme 2007-2012. New Zealand Sociology, 24(1): 113-124.

Rutledge DT, Cameron M, Elliot S, Fenton T, Huser B, McBride G, McDonald G, O’Connor M, Phyn D, Poot J, Price R, Scrimgeour F, Small B, Tait A, van Delden H, Wedderburn ME and Woods RA (2008) Choosing Regional Futures: Challenges and Choices in Building Integrated Models to Support Long-Term Regional Planning in New Zealand. Regional Science Policy & Practice 1(1): 85-108.

Cochrane W and Poot J (2008) Forces of Change: A Dynamic Shift-Share and Spatial Analysis of Employment Change in New Zealand Labour Markets Areas. Studies in Regional Science 38(1): 51-78.

Poot J (2008) A Perspective from the Antipodes: Demographic Changes and their Economic Impacts in New Zealand. Scottish Affairs 64: 80-96.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2008) Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence on the Labour Market Impacts of Immigration, Région et Développement 27: 161-191.

Poot J (2008) Demographic change and regional competitiveness: the effects of immigration and ageing. International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy 4(1/2): 129-145.

Poot J and Sanderson L (2007) Return and Onward Migration, Attachment and Travel of New Zealand Migrants to Australia. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia 41: 61-90.

Morrison P, Papps K and Poot J (2006) Wages, Employment, Labour Turnover and the Accessibility of Local Labour Markets. Labour Economics 13(5): 639-663.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2006) Spatial Heterogeneity and the Wage Curve Revisited. Journal of Regional Science 46(4): 707-731.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2005) The Fallacy of ‘Job Robbing’: A Meta-analysis of Estimates of the Effect of Immigration on Employment. Journal of Migration and Refugee Issues 1(4): 131-152.

Hirota K and Poot J (2005) An International Survey and Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Taxes on Car Use and CO2 emission. Studies in Regional Science 35(4): 1109-1119 (in Japanese).

Poot J and Doi M (2005) National and Regional Wage Curves in Japan, 1981-2001. Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies 17(3): 248-270.

Longhi S, Nijkamp P and Poot J (2005) A Meta-analytic Assessment of the Effect of Immigration on Wages. Journal of Economic Surveys 19(3): 451-477.

Nijkamp P and Poot J (2005) The Last Word on the Wage Curve? Journal of Economic Surveys 19(3): 421-450.
Cushing B and Poot J (2004) Crossing Boundaries and Borders: Regional Science Advances in Migration Modelling. Papers in Regional Science 83(1): 317-338.

Nijkamp P and Poot J (2004) Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal Policies on Long-Run Growth. European Journal of Political Economy 20(1): 91-124.

Bedford RD and Poot J (2010) Changing Tides in the South Pacific: Immigration to Aotearoa New Zealand. In: Segal UA, Elliott D and Mayadas NS (eds) Immigration Worldwide. Oxford University Press, New York, NY, pp. 257-273.

de Groot HLF, Poot J and Smit MJ (2009) Agglomeration Externalities, Innovation and Regional Growth: Theoretical Perspectives and Meta-Analysis. In: Capello R and Nijkamp P (eds) Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK, pp. 256-281.

Nijkamp P and Poot J (2007) Mathematical Models in Regional Economics. In: W-B Zhang (ed.) Mathematical Models in Economics – Volume II, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO. Eolss Publishers, Oxford, UK, pp. 341-361.

Nijkamp P and Poot J (2006) Spatial Perspectives on New Theories of Economic Growth. In: Z.J. Acs (ed.) The Growth of Cities, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK, pp. 19-49.

Poot J (2005) The Quest for People: Population and Economic Development. In: JE Rowe (ed.) Economic Development in New Zealand Ashgate, Aldershot UK, pp. 31-46.

Hirota K and Poot J (2005) Taxes and the Environmental Impact of Private Car Use: Evidence from 68 Cities. In: A Reggiani and L Schintler (eds) Methods and Models in Transport and Telecommunications: Cross-Atlantic Perspectives, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 299-317.
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