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H. Vincent Poor is the author of approximately 450 journal articles, 13 books and 12 issued patents, as well as hundreds of papers in the proceedings of conferences, workshops and symposia. According to scHolar index these publications have been cited more than 32,000 times, with an H-index of 80. Representative examples among these are the following:

[1] S. A. Kassam and H. V. Poor (1985). "Robust Techniques for Signal Processing: A Survey," Proc. IEEE 73: 433-481.
[This invited survey of the authors' and others' work was very influential in introducing the techniques of statistical robustness to the signal processing community; it has been cited heavily in both the research and applications literature.]

[2] R. J. Barton and H. V. Poor (1988). "Signal Detection in Fractional Gaussian Noise," IEEE Trans. Information Theory 34: 943-959.
[This work solves the problem of signal detection in the presence of self-similar noise. Such noise arises through a number of physical phenomena, including notably 1/f noise in semiconductors.]

[3] G. C. Goodwin, R. H. Middleton and H. V. Poor (1992). "High-speed Digital Signal Processing and Control," Proc. IEEE 80: 240-259.
[This invited paper reviews the work of the prior decade, largely of the authors, in developing and exploring a calculus for unifying discrete and continuous formalisms for digital signal processing and automatic control.]

[4] H. V. Poor (1994), An Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation – Second Edition. (Springer Verlag: New York)
[This is one of the most widely used textbooks in the field of signal detection and estimation; its influence was cited when Poor received the ASEE Terman Award.]

[5] H. V. Poor and S. Verdú (1997). "Probability of Error in MMSE Multiuser Detection," IEEE Trans. Information Theory 41:858-871.
[This work established the Gaussian nature of multiple-access interference in the output of the so-called MMSE multi-user detector. This was a watershed result in the analysis of receivers for multiple-access communication systems.]

[6] X. Wang and H. V. Poor (1999), "Iterative (Turbo) Soft Interference Cancellation and Decoding for Coded CDMA," IEEE Trans. Communications 47:1046 - 1061.
[This paper introduced the powerful principle of iterative processing between physical-layer and higher-level functions in wireless systems. It was recognized with the Joint Paper Award of the IEEE Communications and Information Theory Societies.]

[7] T. Kailath and H. V. Poor (2000). Detection of Stochastic Processes. IEEE Trans. Information Theory - Special Issue Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Field of Information Theory 42:2230-2259.
[This invited paper recounts six decades of progress in the field of signal detection and estimation, including much work of the authors. It was also reprinted in "Information Theory: 50 Years of Discovery" (IEEE Press: New York, 2000).]

[8] J. I. Concha and H. V. Poor (2004). "Multiaccess Quantum Channels," IEEE Trans. Information Theory 50:725-747.
[This paper develops a mathematical model of the physical quantum (electro-dynamic) multiple-access communication channel that is suitable for the analysis of fundamental limits imposed on multiple-access communications by quantum measurement.]

[9] H. V. Poor and O. Hadjiliadis (2009). Quickest Detection. (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK).
[This book develops the theory of online statistical change detection and describes the fundamental principles behind the principal algorithms used in practice, which have widespread applications in fields ranging from seismology to network security.]

[10] Y. Polyanskiy, H. V. Poor and S. Verdu (2010), "Channel Coding Rate in the Finite Blocklength Regime," IEEE Trans. Information Theory 56:2307-2359.
[This work considers Shannon's notion of channel capacity, which applies to the infinite-blocklength, zero-error-rate regime, in the regime of finite blocklength and non-zero error rate. It received the 2011 IEEE Information Theory Paper Award.]
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