Csaba Pléh - Biography#


Main research topics
Csaba Pléh's main research topics are history of cognitive approaches in different domains (philosophy, psychology, biology, linguistics), psychology of language including both language processing and language development. Lately, his specific interest has become the study of language development in impaired populations, especially in Williams syndrome and developmental language retardation.

A list of research in more detail:
  • Sentence understanding
    • The role of morphology in the development and process of understanding in Hungarian. Case markers and prefixes
    • Spatial language and morphology
    • Language typology and processing typology
  • Language acquisition and cognitive development
    • Language development delay in an agglutinative language
    • Hungarian studies on Williams syndrome and SLI children are organized n a longitudinal basis to look for the specificities of cognitive impairments in these groups, the modular or general nature of the cognitive disturbances, and their relations to language profiles

Theory of cognition and history of psychology and social science with a look at the special situation of social sciences in Hungarian social history.
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