Jose Peiro Silla - Selected Publications#

Nielsen, K., Ng, K., Vignoli, M., Lorente, L., & Peiró, J. M. (2022). A mixed methods study of the training transfer and outcomes of safety training for low-skilled workers in construction. Work & Stress, 1-21.-

Haenggli, M., Hirschi, A., Rudolph, C. W., & Peiró, J. M. (2021). Exploring the dynamics of protean career orientation, career management behaviors, and subjective career success: An action regulation theory approach. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 131, 103650.-

Peiró, J.M., Bayona, J.A., Caballer, A., & Di Fabio, A. (2020). Importance of work characteristics affects job performance: The mediating role of individual dispositions on the work design-performance relationships. Personality and Individual Differences, 157, 109808.-

Peiró, J. M., Nielsen, K., Latorre, F., Shepherd, R., & Vignoli, M. (2020). Safety training for migrant workers in the construction industry: A systematic review and future research agenda. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 25(4), 275-295.-

Martín, P., J. Ramos, A. Zornoza, E.M. Lira y J.M. Peiró (2020). «Mindfulness and Job Control as Moderators of the Relationship between Demands and Innovative Work Behaviours». Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 36, n.º 2, pp. 95-101.-

Tordera, N., Peiró, J. M., Ayala, Y., Villajos, E., & Truxillo, D. (2020). The lagged influence of organizations' human resources practices on employees' career sustainability: The moderating role of age. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 103444.-

Rodriguez, I., Kożusznik, M. W., Peiró, J.M., & Tordera, N. (2019) Individual, Co-active and Collective Coping and Organizational Stress: A Longitudinal Study. European Management Journal, 37(1), 86-98 -

Soriano, A., Kozusznik, M., Peiró, J.M., & Mateo, C. (2018). The Role of Employees’ Work Patterns and Office Type Fit (and Misfit) in the Relationships Between Employee Well-Being and Performance. Environment & Behavior, 1-28.-

Kożusznik, M. W., Peiró, J.M., Soriano, A., & Navarro, M. (2018). “Out of Sight, Out of Mind?” The Role of Physical Stressors, Cognitive Appraisal, and Positive Emotions in Employees’ Health. Environment and Behavior, 1–30-

Ayala, Y., Peiró, J.M., Tordera, N., Lorente, L., & Yeves, J. (2016). Job Satisfaction and Innovative Performance in Young Spanish Employees: Testing New Patterns in the Happy-Productive Worker Thesis - A Discriminant Study. Journal of Happiness Studies, online version DOI 10.1007/s10902-016-9778-


Google Scholar: 42.335 citations
h index: 94
Research Gate: 15148 citations (479 publications)
h index: 60
Publons: 8.881 citations, h index 44.

Ranked 12th of Spanish researchers of Psychology (D-Index 59; 15,322 citations and 176 registered publications;

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