Christopher Page - Selected Publications#

Recent Books (selected from eight from 1985 to 2015, plus three editions of musical works, 1982-98):

Latin Poetry and Conductus Rhythm in Medieval France, Royal Musical Association Monographs 8 (London: RMA, 1997)

The Christian West and Its Singers : The First Thousand Years (Yale University Press, 2010). 697pp, 98 colour plates, musical examples. Second corrected impression, 2012.

The Guitar in Tudor England : a Social and Musical History (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Articles (selected from 53 from 1976 to 2013):

‘David Fallows and the Performance of Early Music’, in Festschrift for David Fallows (Woodbridge, 2011), 2-9.

The Geography of Medieval Music’, in M. Everist, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Music (CUP, 2010), 320-34

‘The Magnificence of a Singer in Fifth-Century Gaul’, in S. Jaeger, ed., Magnificence in the Middle Ages (Palgrave, 2010), 16-28.

‘A Essay of 1824 on the Guitar’, Soundboard, 38 (2012), 53-60.

‘The Spanish guitar in the newspapers, novels, drama and verse of eighteenth-century England’. Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle (2013), 1-18.

‘New light on the Career of Fernando Sor in England’, Early Music (November, 2013), in press.

‘From the Harp to the Lute in Tudor England’, The Historical Harp Society Bulletin, 23 (2013), 18-23.

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