Kaarina Nikunen - Selected Publications#

Nikunen, K., Hokka, J. and Nelimarkka, M. (2021) Affective practice of Soldiering: How sharing images is used to spread extremist and racist ethos on Soldiers of Odin Facebook site. Television and New Media 22(2).

Titley, G., Nikunen, K. and Pantti, M. (2021) Shifting Formations, Formative Infrastructures: Nationalisms and Racisms in Media Circulation. Television and New Media 22(2).

Nikunen, K. & Hokka, J. (2020) Welfare state values and public service media in the era of datafication. Special Issue on Datafication and the Welfare State, edited by Lina Dencik and Anne Kaun. Global Perspectives 1(2).

Nikunen, K (2019) Media Solidarities: Emotions, power and justice in the digital age. London: Sage.

Nikunen, K. (2019) Once a Refugee: Selfie activism, visualized citizenship and the space of appearance. Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture 17(2): 154-170.

Nikunen, K. (2019) Emotions, Affect and the Media. In Curran J. and Hesmondhalgh, D. (eds) Media & Society. London: Bloomsbury.

Nikunen, K. (2019) Breaking the Silence: From representations of victims and threat towards spaces of voice. In Georgiou, M. Leurs, K., Smets, K. & Witteborn, S. (eds) Sage Handbook of Migration and Media. London: Sage.

Nikunen, K. (2018) From Irony to Solidarity: Affective practice in social media activism. Studies of Transition States and Societies 10(2): 10-21.

Nikunen, K (2016) Doing Good Reality, Masculine Care and Affective Capitalism. Ephemera: theory & politics in organization 16(4):163-184.

Nikunen, K. (2016) Media, Passion and Humanitarian Reality Television European Journal of Cultural Studies, 19 (3):265-282.

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