Olivier Neyrolles - Selected Publications#

Cai Y, Usher B, Gutierrez C, Tolcan A, Mansour M, Fineran PC, Condon C, Neyrolles O, Genevaux P & TR Blower. 2020 A nucleotidyltransferase toxin inhibits growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis through inactivation of tRNA acceptor stems. Science Advances 6:eabb6651

Freire D, Gutierrez C, Garza-Garcia A, Grabowska AD, Sala AJ, Ariyachaokun K, Panikova T, Beckham KSH, Colom A, Pogenberg V, Cianci M, Tuukkanen A, Boudehen YM, Peixoto A, Botella L, Svergun DI, Schnappinger D, Schneider TR, Genevaux P, de Carvalho LPS, Wilmanns M, Parret AHA & O Neyrolles. 2019 An NAD+ phosphorylase toxin triggers Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell death. Molecular Cell 73:1282-1291

Levillain F, Poquet Y, Mallet L, Mazères S, Marceau M, Brosch R, Bange F-C, Supply P, Magalon A & O Neyrolles. 2017 Horizontal acquisition of a hypoxia-responsive molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis pathway contributed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathoadaptation. PLOS Pathogens 13:e1006752

Troegeler A, Mercier I, Cougoule C, Pietretti D, Colom A, Duval C, Vu Manh TP, Capilla F, Poincloux R, Pingris K, Nigou J, Rademann J, Dalod M, Verreck FA, Al Saati T, Lugo-Villarino G, Lepenies B, Hudrisier D & O Neyrolles. 2017 C-type lectin receptor DCIR modulates immunity to tuberculosis by sustaining type I interferon signaling in dendritic cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114:E540-E549

Gouzy A, Poquet Y & O Neyrolles. 2014 The role of central nitrogen metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis. Nature Reviews Microbiology 12:729-37

Gouzy A, Larrouy-Maumus G, Wu TD, Peixoto A, Levillain F, Lugo-Villarino G, Gerquin-Kern JL, de Carvalho LP, Poquet Y & O Neyrolles. 2013 Mycobacterium tuberculosis nitrogen assimilation and host colonization require aspartate. Nature Chemical Biology 9:674-6

Botella H, Peyron P, Levillain F, Poincloux R, Poquet Y, Brandli I, Wang C, Tailleux L, Tilleul S, Charrière GM, Waddell SJ, Foti M, Gao Q, Maridoneau Parini I, Butcher PD, Ricciardi Castagnoli P, Gicquel B, de Chastellier C & O Neyrolles. 2011. Mycobacterial P1-type ATPases mediate resistance to zinc poisoning in human macrophages. Cell Host & Microbe 10:248-59
(155 citations. Recommended by F1000)

Tanne A, Ma B, Boudou F, Tailleux L, Botella H, Badell E, Levillain F, Taylor ME, Drickamer K, Nigou J, Dobos KM, Puzo G, Vestweber D, Wild MK, Marcinko M, Sobieszczuk P, Stewart L, Lebus D, Gicquel B & O Neyrolles. 2009 A murine DC-SIGN homolog contributes to early host defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Experimental Medicine 206:2205-20
(Recommended by F1000)

Neyrolles O, Hernandez-Pando R, Pietri-Rouxel F, Fornes P, Tailleux L, Barrios Payan J, Pivert E, Bordat Y, Aguilar Leon D, Prévost M-C, Petit C & Gicquel B. 2006. Is adipose tissue a place for Mycobacterium tuberculosis persistence ? PLOS One 1:e43
(208 citations. Recommended by the F1000)

Tailleux L, Pham-Thi N, Bergeron-Lafaurie A, Herrmann JL, Charles P, Schwartz O, Scheinmann P, Lagrange PH, de Blic J, Tazi A, Gicquel B & Neyrolles O. 2005. DC-SIGN induction in alveolar macrophages defines a privileged target host cell population for mycobacteria in patients with tuberculosis. PLOS Medicine 2:e381

Tailleux L, Schwartz O, Herrmann JL, Pivert E, Jackson M, Amara A, Legres L, Dreher D, Nicod LP, Gluckman JC, Lagrange PH, Gicquel B & Neyrolles O. 2003. DC-SIGN is the major Mycobacterium tuberculosis receptor on human dendritic cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine 197: 121-7
(Highly cited, 465 citations. Subject of editorials in Nat Med (13:278), Science (299:475), Nat Rev Immunol (3:91). Recommended by the F1000)

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