Tore Nesset - Selected Publications#


Nesset, Tore. Abstract Phonology in a Concrete Model. Cognitive Linguistics and the Morphology-Phonology Interface. Mouton de Gruyter 2008 (40) ISBN 978-3-11-020361-5. ISSN 1861-4132.

Nesset, Tore. How Russian Came to be the Way it is. Slavica Publishers 2015 ISBN 978-0-89357-443-7.

Nesset, Tore; Makarova, Anastasia. Ikke bare-bare. Novus Press 2016 ISBN 9788270998678.

Nesset, Tore. Russiskstudentens beste venn. 2. edition Novus Press 2014.

Scholarly articles:

Nesset, Tore. Big data in Russian linguistics? Another look at paucal constructions. Zeitschrift für Slawistik 2019; Volum 64 (2). ISSN 0044-3506.s 157 - 174.s doi: 10.1515/slaw-2019-0012.

Nesset, Tore; Makarova, Anastasia. The decade construction rivalry in Russian: Using a corpus to study historical linguistics. (data) Diachronica 2018; Volum 35 (1). ISSN 0176-4225.s 71 - 106.s doi: 10.1075/dia.16043.nes.

Nesset, Tore. A FOOTnote to the Jers: The Russian Trochee-Iamb Shift and Cognitive Linguistics. Journal of Slavic Linguistics 2016; Volum 24 (2). ISSN 1068-2090.s 359 - 391.s doi: 10.1353/jsl.2016.0015.

Nesset, Tore. “Cyclic” time in the history of Russian: Culture and language internal factors. Studies in Language 2016; Volum 40 (3). ISSN 0378-4177.s 591 - 621.s doi: 10.1075/sl.40.3.04nes.

Baayen, R. Harald; Endresen, Anna; Janda, Laura Alexis; Makarova, Anastasia; Nesset, Tore. Making choices in Russian: pros and cons of statistical methods for rival forms. Russian Linguistics : International Journal for the Study of the Russian Language 2013; Volum 37 (3). ISSN 0304-3487.s 253 - 291.s doi: 10.1007/s11185-013-9118-6.

Nesset, Tore. PATH and MANNER: An Image-Schematic Approach to Russian Verbs of Motion. Scando-Slavica 2008; Volum 54. ISSN 0080-6765.s 135 - 197.

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