Francisco Moreno-Fernández - Curriculum Vitae#

Professor Francisco Moreno-Fernández is currently Alexander von Humboldt Professor at Heidelberg University (Germany) and Honorary Professor of Hispanic linguistics at Madrid University of Alcala (Spain). He served as Director of Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University and as Executive Director of the "Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the United States" (2013 - 2019).

He has also served as Academic Director of the "Instituto Cervantes" (2008 - 2013) and was a visiting researcher at the universities of London, New York (SUNY, USA), Québec (Montreal), and Tokyo, as well as a visiting professor at Göteborg University (Sweden), Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil), University of Illinois at Chicago, Brigham Young University (USA), and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is Fellow of the Cuban Academy of the Language, the Chilean Academy of the Language, the Mexican Academy of the Language, and the Spanish Royal Academy. He is a also a Full Member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language.

He has published extensively books, chapters in national and international publishing houses and articles in leading journals. He is author of books such as Metodología sociolingüistica (Gredos, 1990), Spanish in Spain: The Sociolinguistics of Bilingual Areas (Special Issue International Journal of Sociology of Language 2007), The Sociolinguistics of Spanish: Social History, Norm, Variation and Change in Spain (Special Issue International Journal of Sociology of Language, 2008), Principios de Sociolingüística y sociología del Lenguaje (4th ed. Ariel, Spain, 2009), La lengua española en su geografía (Arco/Libros, Spain, 2010), La maravillosa historia de la lengua española (8 eds. And editions in Mexico and Argentina, Espasa, Spain, 2015), and A framework for cognitive sociolinguistics (Routledge, 2017), among others. He is currently editor in-chief of the journal Spanish in Context (John Benjamins), co-editor of Journal of Linguistic Geography (Cambridge University Press), and member of the Editorial Board of a number of leading journals. In 2003, he received the "National Association of Hispanic Publications" Award for best Multiple Article Series in Larger Publications. In 2018, he received the “Rey de España” National Award of Journalism.

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