Martin McKee - Biography#

Professor Martin McKee has led a major research programme on health and health care in Europe over almost 3 decades. His main focus is on health, health care and health policy in Europe. He created the largest team of researchers studying the health impact of the social and economic transition in eastern Europe.

He has published over 1,030 papers in peer-reviewed journals and written or edited 44 books, with over 70,000 citations (Google Scholar). His research has been recognised by the award of honorary doctorates and visiting professorships from across Europe. Noted lectures include the 1997 Ferenc Bojan Lecture (EUPHA), 2003 Sir Stanley Davidson lecture (Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh), 2004 Salvatore P. Lucia Lecture (UCSF), 2005 Milroy Lecture (Royal College of Physicians of London), 2006 DARE lecture (UK Faculty of Public Health), 2006 Cochrane Lecture (UK Society for Social Medicine), 2010 Victor Horsley lecture (British Medical Association), 2011 Hjelt lecture (University of Helsinki), 2011 Thackrah lecture (University of Leeds), 2012 Duncan lecture (City of Liverpool), 2014 Paul Noone lecture (NHS Consultants Association), 2015 Albert Neuberger lecture (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), 2016 Sandy Macara (BMA), Litchfield lecture (University of Oxford), 2016 Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy lecture, and 2017 Dr Andrew Duncan lecture (Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh).

His work is closely linked to policy, through long term links with major funders and through the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, of which he is director of research policy. He was author of several reports of major policy impact in the EU: on management of outbreaks of infectious disease that cross borders, impact of EU law on health care, and the contribution of health to the economy in the EU. His work also links to policy through current or past membership of various advisory boards, including the Open Society Foundations, in New York, the European Union’s Expert panel on Investing in Health, several committees of the European Regional Office of the WHO, including the European Advisory Committee on Health Research (former chair) and Task Force on Macroeconomics and Health, and the Health for All Renewal Think Tank.

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