William Bernard McGregor - Selected Publications#

2013. Optionality in grammar and language use. Linguistics 51 (6): 1147-1204.

2012. The Nyulnyul language of Dampier Land, Western Australia. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. (2 vols.)

2010a. Optional ergative case marking systems in a typological-semiotic perspective. Lingua 120. 1610–1636. (26 citations)

2010b. The semantics, pragmatics and evolution of two verbless negative constructions in Nyulnyul. Oceanic Linguistics 49. 205-232. (15 citations)

2009b. Typology of ergativity. Language and Linguistics Compass 3. 480-508. (27 citations)

2006. Focal and optional ergative marking in Warrwa (Kimberley, Western Australia). Lingua 116. 393-423. (42 citations)

2005. Quantifying depictive secondary predicates in Australian languages. In Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. & Schultze-Berndt, Eva (eds.), Secondary predicaton and adverbial modification: the typology of depictives. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 173-200.

2002. Verb classification in Australian languages. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (81 citations)

1997. Semiotic grammar. Oxford: Clarendon Press. (115 citations)

1990. A functional grammar of Gooniyandi. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (221 citations)

NB: Citations are taken from Harzing Google Scholar.
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