Ülo Mander - Selected Publications#

Mander, Ü., Kuusemets, V., Lõhmus, K., Mauring, T. 1997. Efficiency and dimensioning of riparian buffer zones in agricultural catchments. Ecological Engineering 8: 299-324. (IF 3.041, 123 citations)

Mander, Ü., Järveoja, J., Maddison, M., Soosaar, K., Aavola, R., Salm, J.-O. 2012. Reed canary grass cultivation mitigates greenhouse gas emissions from abandoned peat extraction areas. Global Change Biology – Bioenergy 4, 462-474. (IF 4.248, 7 cit.)

Mander, Ü., Uuemaa, E., Roosaare, J., Aunap, R., Antrop, M. 2010. Coherence and fragmentation of landscape patterns as characterized by correlograms: a case study of Estonia. Landscape and Urban Planning 94(1), 31-37. (IF 2,606 , 9 cit.)

Mander, Ü., Dotro, G., Ebie, Y., Towprayoon, S., Chiemchaisri, C., Nogueira, S.F., Jamsranjav, B., Kasak, K., Truu, J., Tournebize, J., Mitsch, W.J. 2014. Greenhouse gas emission in constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment: a review. Ecological Engineering 66,19-35. (IF 3.041, 7 cit.)

Mander, Ü., Well, R., Weymann, D., Soosaar, K., Maddison, M., Kanal, A., Lõhmus, K., Truu, J. Augustin, J. Tournebize, J. 2014. Isotopologue ratios of N2O and N2 measurements underpin the importance of denitrification in differently N-loaded riparian alder forests. Environmental Science and Technology 48, 20, 11910-11918. (IF 5.481, 2 cit.)

Vohla, C., Kõiv, M., Bavor, H.J., Chazarenc, F., Mander, Ü. 2011. Filter materials for phosphorus removal from wastewater in treatment wetlands - a review. Ecological Engineering 37(1), 70-89. (IF 3.041, 140 cit.)

Mitsch, W.J., Bernal, B., Nahlik, A.M., Mander, Ü., Zhang, L., Anderson, L., Jørgensen, S.E., Brix, H. 2013. Wetlands, carbon, and climate change. Landscape Ecology 28, 4, 583-597. (IF 3.041, 52 citations)
Kimmel, K., Mander, Ü. 2010. Ecosystem services of peatlands: Implications for restoration. Progress in Physical Geography 34(4), 491-514. (IF 3.885, 17 cit.)

Ligi, T., Truu, M., Truu, J., Nõlvak, H., Kaasik, A., Mitsch, W.J., Mander, Ü. 2014. Effects of soil chemical characteristics and water regime on denitrification genes (nirS, nirK, and nosZ) abundances in a created riverine wetland complex. Ecological Engineering 72, 47-55. (IF 3.041, 6 cit.)

Leppelt, T., Dechow, R., Gebbert, S., Freibauer, A., Lohila, A., Augustin, J., Drösler, M., Fiedler, S., Glatzel, S., Höper, H., Järveoja, J., Lærke, P.E., Maljanen, M., Mander, Ü., Mäkiranta, P., Minkkinen, K., Ojanen, P., Regina, K., Strömgren, M. 2014. Nitrous oxide emission hotspots from organic soils in Europe. Biogeosciences 11, 6595–6612 (IF 3.753, 3 cit.)

Professor Ülo Mander has written over 170 papers and edited 11 books of international publishers and 16 special issues of international peer reviewed journals. According to Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science, he belongs to 1% most cited scientists in the field of ecology and environmental sciences. His papers have been cited 2676 times and h-index is 29 (2015/10).
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