Alain Manceau - Publications#

Selection of 10 articles from the last 10 years with citations numbers (WoS/Google Scholar)

Fields: Mineralogy and mercury biogeochemistry. ES&T has a 2020 Impact Factor of 9.0

Manceau A., Bourdineaud J. P., Oliveira R. B., Sarrazin S. L. F., Krabbenhoft D. P., Eagles-Smith C. A., Ackerman J. T., Stewart A. R., Ward-Deitrich C., Busto M. E. D., Goenaga-Infante H., Wack A., Retegan M., Detlefs B., Glatzel P., Bustamante P., Nagy K. L., Poulin, B. A. (2021) Demethylation of methylmercury in bird, fish, and earthworm. Environmental Science & Technology, 55, 1527-1534.

Manceau A., Gaillot A.C., Glatzel P., Cherel Y., Bustamante P. (2021) In vivo formation of HgSe nanoparticles and Hg-tetraselenolate complex from methylmercury in seabird - Implications for the Hg-Se antagonism. Environmental Science & Technology, 55, 1515-1526.

Manceau A., Merkulova M., Mathon O., Glatzel P., Murdzek M., Batanova V., Simionovici A., Steinmann S.N., Paktunc D. (2020) The mode of incorporation of As(-I) and Se(-I) in natural pyrite revisited. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 4, 3, 379-390.

Manceau A., Wang J., Rovezzi M., Glatzel P., Feng X. (2018) Biogenesis of mercury-sulfur nanoparticles in plant leaves from atmospheric gaseous mercury. Environmental Science & Technology, 52, 3935-3948. 50/57 citations

Manceau A., Merkulova M., Murdzek M., Batanova V., Baran R., Glatzel P., Saikia B.K., Paktunc D., Lefticariu L. (2018) Chemical forms of mercury in pyrite: Implications for predicting mercury releases in acid mine drainage settings. Environmental Science & Technology, 52, 18, 10286-10296. 22/26 citations

Manceau A., Lemouchi C., Enescu M., Gaillot A-C, Lanson M., Magnin V., Glatzel P., Poulin B.A., Ryan J.N., Aiken G.R., Gautier-Luneau I., Nagy K.L. (2015) Formation of mercury sulfide from Hg(II)-thiolate complexes in natural organic matter. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 9787?9796. 75/91 citations

Manceau A, Lanson M, Takahashi, Y. (2014) Mineralogy and crystal chemistry of Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu in a deep-sea Pacific polymetallic nodule. American Mineralogist, 99, 2068-2083. 67/77 citations

Manceau A., Marcus M.A., Grangeon S., Lanson M., Lanson B., Gaillot A.C., Skanthakumar S., Soderholm L. (2013) Short-range and long-range order of phyllomanganate nanoparticles determined using high energy X-ray scattering. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 46, 193-209. 56/72 citations

Manceau A., Nagy K.L. (2012) Quantitative analysis of sulfur functional groups in natural organic matter by XANES spectroscopy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica, 99, 206-223. 99/144 citations

Manceau A., Marcus M.A., Grangeon S. (2012) Determination of Mn valence states in mixed-valent manganates by XANES spectroscopy. American Mineralogist, 97, 816-827. 193/246 citations

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