Virginie Mamadouh - Selected publications#

2012. The scaling of the ‘invasion’: A geopolitics of immigration narratives in France and The Netherlands. Geopolitics 17 (2):377-401.

2011: (with Ewald Engelen, Reijer Hendrikse & James D. Sidaway) Commentary: Turmoil in Euroland: The geopolitics of a suboptimal currency area? Environment & Planning D: Society & Space 29: 571-583.

2010: (with Herman van der Wusten) The geography of diplomacy. in: Robert A. Denemark (ed.) The International Studies Encyclopedia Volume 5. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 2884-2902.

2010: Review essay: A Sisyphean task: deconstructing border theory and foreign policy. A review of Bulley’s "Ethics as Foreign Policy" and Vaughan-Williams’s ”Border Politics”. Environment & Planning D: Society & Space 28 (6), 1106-1115.

2009: War. In: R.Kitchin and N.Thrift (Eds.): International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Volume 12. Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 183-188.

2009: Establishing a Constitution for Europe during European Union enlargement? Visions of ‘Europe' in the referenda campaigns in France and the Netherlands. Journal of Cultural Geography, 26(3): 305-326.

2008: After Van Gogh: The geopolitics of the tsunami relief effort in the Netherlands, Geopolitics 13(2): 205-231.

2008: (with Herman van der Wusten) The European level in EU governance: Territory, authority and trans-scalar networks, GeoJournal 72(1): 19-31.

2006: (with Ghazi-Walid Falah and Colin Flint) Just war and extraterritoriality: The popular geopolitics of the United States' war on Iraq as reflected in newspapers of the Arab World, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 96(1): 142-164.

2002: (with Martin de Jong and Konstantino Lalenis) The theory and practice of institutional transplantation; Experiences with the transfer of policy institutions, Dordrecht: Kluwer (313 pp).
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