Sven Lidin - Selected publications#

Andersson M, Terasaki O, Ohsuna T, Philippou A, Mackay S, Ferreira A, Rocha J, Lidin S.
Structure of the microporous titanosilicate ETS-10
Nature 367 347-351 (1994)
Number of citations 392

Andersson S., Hyde ST, Larsson K, Lidin S.
Minimal Surfaces – From inorganic and metal crystals to cell membranes and bio-polymers
Chemical Reviews 88 221-242 (1988)
Number of citations 230

Larsson AK, Stenberg L, Lidin S.
The superstructure of domain twinned eta’-Cu6Sn5
Acta Cryst. B50 636-643 (1994)
Number of citations 103

Gomez, CP and Lidin S
Comparative study of the disordered MCd6 quasicrystal approximants
Phys Rev B 68 024203 (2003)
Number of citations 73

Nylen J, Andersson M, Lidin S and Häussermann, U.
The structure of alpha-Zn4Sb3: Ordering of the phonon-glass thermoelectric material βZn4Sb3
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126(50) 16306-16307 (2004)
Number of citations 73

Gomez, CP and Lidin S
Structure of Ca13Cd76: A Novel approximant to the MCd5.7 quasicrystals (M=Cd,Yb)
Angewandte Chemie Int Ed 40 4037 (2001)
Number of citations 46

Nylen, J, Lidin, S Andersson, M and Häussermann U
Low temperature structural transitions in the phonon-glass thermoelectric material b-Zn4Sb3: Ordering of Zn interstitials and defects.
Chemistry of Materials 19 834 (2007)
Number of citations 44

Feuerbacher et al (multi author paper)
The Samson phase, b-Mg2Al3 revisited
Z Krist 222 259 (2007)
Number of citations 39

Nylen J, Lidin S., Andersson, M and Häussermann U.
Effect of metal doping on the low-temperature structural behaviour of theroelectric b-Zn4Sb3
J Solid state Chem 180, 2603 (2007)
Number of citations 28

Armbruster M and Lidin S
Reassessing the compound CeCd6, the structure of CeCd37
J Alloys Comp 307 141 (2000)
Number of citations 27

Full list of publications easily available from science citation index etc, the name Lidin being conveniently unique.
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