Frank Leymann - Selected Publications#

H-index = 66; over 25200 citations in total, according to Google Scholar
DBLP entries: 350 publications

1. Zimmermann, Olaf; Pautasso, Cesare; Leymann, Frank: RESTful Web Services vs. "Big" Web Services - Making the Right Architectural Decisions. Proc. International World Wide Web Conference, 2008. (855 citations)

2. Hepp, Martin; Leymann, Frank; Domingue, John; Wahler, Alexander; Fensel, Dieter: Semantic Business Process Management: A Vision Towards Using Semantic Web Services for Business Process Management. Proc. International Conference on e-Business Engineering, 2005. (379 citations)

3. Decker, Gero; Kopp, Oliver; Leymann, Frank; Weske, Mathias: BPEL4Chor: Extending BPEL for Modeling Choreographies. Proc. IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 2007. (272 citations)

4. Vanhatalo, Jussi; Völzer, Hagen; Leymann, Frank: Faster and More Focused Control-Flow Analysis for Business Process Models Through SESE Decomposition. Proc. International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, 2007. (258 citations)

5. Mietzner, Ralph; Metzger, Andreas; Leymann, Frank; Pohl, Klaus: Variability Modeling to Support Customization and Deployment of Multi-Tenant-Aware Software as a Service Applications. Proc. ICSE Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems, 2009. (171 citations)

6. Khalaf, Rania; Leymann, Frank: Role-based Decomposition of Business Processes using BPEL. Proc. International Conference on Web Services, 2006. (129 citations)

7. Karastoyanova, Dimka; Houspanossian, Alejandro; Cilia, Mariano; Leymann, Frank; Buchmann, Alejandro P.: Extending BPEL for Run Time Adaptability. Proc. IEEE International Enterprise Computing Conference, 2005. (122 citations)

8. Binz, Tobias; Breiter, Gerd; Leymann, Frank; Spatzier, Thomas: Portable Cloud Services Using TOSCA. IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 16(03), IEEE Computer Society, 2012. (122 citations)

9. Mietzner, Ralph; Leymann, Frank: Generation of BPEL Customization Processes for SaaS Applications from Variability Descriptors. Proc. International Conference on Services Computing, 2008. (112 citations)

10. Mietzner, Ralph; Leymann, Frank; Papazoglou, Mike P.: Defining Composite Configurable SaaS Application Packages Using SCA, Variability Descriptors and SaaS Multi-Tenancy Patterns. Proc. International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 2008. (94 citations)
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