Pedro Larrañaga - Selected Publications#

Professor Larrañaga has an H-index of 30 in the Web of Science, where he has received more than 5,300 citations (H-index of 51 according to Google Scholar, with more than 16,800 citations). His 10 major publications listed in chronological order are:

P. Larrañaga, M. Poza, Y. Yurramendi, R. H. Murga, C. M. H. Kuijpers (1996). Structure learning of Bayesian networks by genetic algorithms: A performance analysis of control parameters. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 18 (9), 912-926 (Web of Science citations: 173; Google Scholar citations: 445)

P. Larrañaga, C. M. H. Kuijpers, R. H. Murga, I. Inza, S. Dizdarevich (1999). Genetic algorithms for the travelling salesman problem: A review of representations and operators. Artificial Intelligence Review, 13, 129-170 (Web of Science citations: 256; Google Scholar citations: 688)

J. M. Peña, J. A. Lozano, P. Larrañaga (1999). An empirical comparison of four initialization methods for the k-means algorithm. Pattern Recognition Letters, 20, 1027-1040 (Web of Science citations: 281; Google Scholar citations: 775)

P. Larrañaga, J. A. Lozano (2002). Estimation of Distribution Algorithms. A New Tool for Evolutionary Computation. Kluwer Academic Publishers (Google Scholar citations: 2394)

Y. Saeys, I. Inza, P. Larrañaga (2007). A review of feature selection techniques in bioinformatics. Bioinformatics, 23(19), 2507-2517 (Web of Science citations: 1580; Google Scholar citations: 3132)

C. Bielza, G. Li, P. Larrañaga (2011). Multi-dimensional classification with Bayesian networks. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 52(6), 705-727 (Web of Science citations: 63; Google Scholar citations: 146)

P. Larrañaga, H. Karshenas, C. Bielza, R. Santana (2013). A review on evolutionary algorithms in Bayesian network learning and inference tasks. Information Sciences, 233, 109-125 (Web of Science citations: 46; Google Scholar citations: 95)

J. DeFelipe, P. L. Lopez-Cruz, R. Benavides-Piccione, C. Bielza, P. Larrañaga, S. Anderson, A. Burkhalter, B. Cauli, A. Fairen, D. Feldmeyer, G. Fishell, D. Fitzpatrick, T. F. Freund, G. Gonzalez-Burgos, S. Hestrin, S. Hill, P. R. Hof, J. Huang, E. G. Jones, Y. Kawaguchi, Z. Kisvarday, Y. Kubota, D. A. Lewis, O. Marin, H. Markram, C. J. McBain, H. S. Meyer, H. Monyer, S. B. Nelson, K. Rockland, J. Rossier, J. L.R. Rubenstein, B. Rudy, M. Scanziani, G. M. Shepherd, C. C. Sherwood, J. F. Staiger, G. Tamas, A. Thomson, Y. Wang, R. Yuste, G. A. Ascoli (2013). New insights in the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneurons. Nature Review Neuroscience,14(3), 202-216 (Web of Science citations: 266; Google Scholar citations: 395)

C. Bielza, P. Larrañaga (2014). Discrete Bayesian network classifiers: A survey. ACM Computing Surveys, 47(1), Article 5 (Web of Science citations: 32; Google Scholar citations: 92)

H. Borchani, G. Varando, C. Bielza, P. Larrañaga (2015). A survey on multi-output regression. WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 5, 216-233 (Web of Science citations: 19; Google Scholar citations: 63)

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