Anna Krylov - Curriculum Vitae#

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine, Krylov received her M.Sc. from Moscow State University (1990, with honors) and her Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1996, summa cum laude) under the supervision of Prof. Benny Gerber. Following postdoctoral training with Prof. Martin Head-Gordon at the University of California, Berkeley, she joined USC's chemistry department (1998), where she is now Professor of Chemistry. Krylov's research is focused on theoretical and computational quantum chemistry. She develops theoretical models of open-shell and electronically excited species, including metastable states. Krylov develops robust black-box methods to describe complicated multi-configurational wave functions in single-reference formalisms, such as coupled-cluster and equation-of-motion approaches. She also develops tools for spectroscopy modeling including non-linear and high-energy regimes. Using computational chemistry, Krylov investigates the role of radicals and electronically excited species in combustion, solar energy, bioimaging, and quantum information science. Krylov implements her theoretical developments in practical software. She is the president of Q-Chem Inc. (, which develops one of the world's leading ab initio quantum chemistry software packages.

Krylov has received the Dirac Medal (WATOC), the Theoretical Chemistry Award (ACS/PHYS), Bessel Research Award (Humboldt Foundation), Mildred Dresselhaus Award (DESY and Hamburg Univ.), and Plyler Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy & Dynamics (APS). She has also been recognized by the Inaugural WiSE Architects of Enduring Change Award, Hanna Reisler Mentoring Award, and Melon Mentoring Award. Krylov is a Fellow of the ACS, APS, RSC, and AAAS; an elected member of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science; a Board Member of WATOC; and a 2018 Simons Foundation Fellow in Theoretical Physics. Krylov has served on the editorial boards of numerous peer-review journals. Currently, she is an associate editor of Physical Chemistry-Chemical Physics and of Wires Computational Molecular Science.

Krylov is active in the promotion of gender equality in STEM fields, especially in theoretical chemistry. She created and maintains the web directory Women in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Material Science, and Biochemistry (, which currently lists more than 400 scientists holding tenure and tenure track academic positions, or equivalent positions in industry, national laboratories, and other leading research establishments. She has delivered several talks on gender equality in STEM. Krylov is an outspoken advocate of freedom of speech and academic freedom. She is a founding member of the Academic Freedom Alliance ( and a member of its academic leadership committee.

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