Ludmil Katzarkov - Biography#

L. Katzarkov was born in 1961 in Bulgaria. He obtained his MS from Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia and his PHD from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, under the supervision of Ron Donagi. After his PHD in 1995 Katzarkov obtained a permanent job in UC Irvine. In 2004 he moved to University of Miami. Since 2007 Katzarkov was employed in several European institutions: University of Vienna, Austria; High School of Economic, Moscow, Russia; and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. Katzarkov left his mark in Vienna and in Moscow by creating world renowned research centers in Mirror Symmetry and Hodge Theory. A number of leading mathematicians emerged from these schools and many of them remain as part of the scientific staff of the research centers. A non exhaustive but representative list of young researchers produced by Katzarkov‘s school in Vienna and Moscow includes well known talents such as V. Przhialkovskii, F. Haiden, A. Noll, A. Efimov, D. Favero, G. Kerr, M. Ballard, G. Dimitrov, and P. Pandit. In 2019, together with Acad. B. Sendov, Katzarkov created ICMS - a research mathematical center in Sofia, Bulgaria, aiming to modernize and deepen core research in mathematics and theoretical physics in Bulgaria and the adjacent Eastern European countries. Currently Katzarkov is the scientific director of this center. Katzarkov has worked and continues to work in many areas of modern mathematics: Classical Algebraic Geometry; Symplectic Geometry; Homological Mirror Symmetry; Dynamical Systems; Integrable Systems; Gauge Theory; Theoretical Physics. Katzarkov has written close to 100 peer reviewed papers, many of which are published in top journals.

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