Simon Arnett Jones - Selected Publications#

Jones, SA. & Hunter, CA. Is IL-6 a key target for therapy in COVID-19? Nature Reviews Immunology. 21:337–339 (2021) [10.1038/ s41577-021-00553-8]

Harbour, SN., DiToro, DF., Witte, SJ., Zindl, CL., Schoeb, T., Jones, GW., Jones, SA., Hatton, RD. & Weaver, CT. Th17 cells require ongoing classical IL-6 receptor signaling to retain transcriptional and functional identity. Science Immunology. 5(49): eaaw2262 (2020) [10.1126/sciimmunol.aaw2262]

Twohig, JP., Cardus Figueras, A., Andrews, R., Wiede, F., Cossins, BC., Derrac Soria, A., Lewis, MJ., Townsend, MJ., Millrine, D., Li, J., Hill, D.G., Uceda Fernandez, J., Liu, X., Szomolay, B., Pepper, CJ., Taylor, PR., Pitzalis, C., Tiganis, T., Williams, NM., Jones, GW. & Jones, SA.

Activation of naïve CD4+ T cells re-tunes STAT1 signaling to deliver unique cytokine responses in memory CD4+ T cells.
Nature Immunology 20:458-470 (2019). [10.1038/s41590-019-0350-0]

Jones, SA. & Jenkins, BJ. Targeting the IL-6 family in inflammatory diseases and cancer.
Nature Reviews Immunology. 18: 773-789 (2018) [10.1038/ s41577-018-0066-7]

Jones, GW., Bombardieri, M., Greenhill, CJ., McLeod, L., Nerviani, A., Rocher-Ros, V., Cardus, A., Williams, AS., Pitzalis, C., Jenkins, BJ. & Jones, SA. Interleukin-27 inhibits ectopic lymphoid-like structure development in early inflammatory arthritis.
Journal of Experimental Medicine 212 (11):1793-1802. (2015) [10.1084/jem.20132307]
Highlighted by: Nature Reviews Rheumatology 12: 1 (2015); Journal of Experimental Medicine 212: 1757 (2015)

Hunter, C.A. & Jones, SA. IL-6 as a keystone cytokine in health and disease.
Nature Immunology 16: 448-458 (2015) [10.1038/ni3153]]

Fielding, CA., Jones, GW., McLoughlin, RM., McLeod, L., Hammond, VJ., Uceda, J., Williams, AS., Lambie, M., Foster, TL., Liao, C-T., Rice, CM., Greenhill, CJ., Colmont, CS., Hams, E., Coles, B., Kift-Morgan, A., Newton, Z., Craig, KJ., Williams, JD., Williams, GT., Davies, SJ., Humphreys, IR., O'Donnell, VB., Taylor, PR., Jenkins, BJ., Topley, N. & Jones, SA. Interleukin-6 signaling drives fibrosis in unresolved inflammation.
Immunity 40 (1):40-50. (2014) [10.1016/j.immuni.2013.10.022]

Rosas, M., Davies, LC., Giles, P., Liao, C-T., Kharfan, B., Stone, T., O'Donnell, VB., Fraser, DJ., Jones, SA. and Taylor, PR. The transcription factor Gata6 links tissue macrophage phenotype and proliferative renewal.
Science 344 (6184): 645-648 (2014) [10.1126/science.1251414]

Jones, G.W., McLoughlin, R.M., Hammond, V.J., Parker, C.R., Williams, J.D., Malholtra, R., Scheller, J., Williams, A.S., Rose-John, S., Topley, N. & Jones, SA.
Loss of CD4+ T-cell IL-6R expression during inflammation underlines a role for IL-6 trans-signaling in the local maintenance of Th17 cells.
Journal of Immunology 184 (3): 2130-2139 (2010) [10.4049/jimmunol.0901528]

Nowell, MA., Williams, AS., Carty, SM., Scheller, J., Hayes, AJ., Jones, GW., Richards, PJ., Slinn, SJ., Ernst, M., Jenkins, BJ., Topley, N., Rose-John, S., and Jones, SA. Therapeutic targeting of IL-6 trans-signaling counteracts STAT3 control of experimental inflammatory arthritis. Journal of Immunology 182 (1): 613-622 (2009). [10.4049/jimmunol.182.1.613]
Highlighted by: Nature Reviews Rheumatology 5: 1 (2010)

McLoughlin, RM., Jenkins, BJ., Grail, D., Williams, AS., Fielding, CA., Parker, CR., Ernst, M., Topley, N. & Jones, SA. IL-6 trans-signaling via STAT3 directs T cell infiltration in acute inflammation.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 102 (27):9589-9594 (2005). [10.1073/pnas.0501794102]

Nowell, MA., Richards, PJ., Horiuchi, S., Rose-John, S., Yamamoto, N., Topley, N., Williams, AS. & Jones, SA. Soluble IL-6R governs IL-6 activity in the rheumatoid synovium: Blockade of experimental arthritis by soluble gp130.
Journal of Immunology 171 (7): 3202-3209 (2003) [10.4049/jimmunol.171.6.3202]
Highlighted by: Journal of Immunology 171: 2765 (2003)

Hurst, SM., Wilkinson, TS., McLoughlin, RM., Jones, S., Horiuchi, S., Yamamoto, N., Rose-John, S., Fuller, GM., Topley, N. & Jones, SA. IL-6 and its soluble receptor orchestrate a temporal switch in the pattern of leukocyte recruitment seen during acute inflammation.
Immunity 14 (6):705-714 (2001). [10.1016/S1074-7613(01)00151-0]

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