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Laurent Jolivet - Selected Publications#

1 Jolivet, L. & Faccenna, C. Mediterranean extension and the Africa-Eurasia collision. Tectonics 19, 1095-1106 (2000).

2 Jolivet, L. A comparison of geodetic and finite strain in the Aegean, geodynamic implications. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 187, 95-104 (2001).

3 Jolivet, L., Faccenna, C., Goffé, B., Burov, E. & Agard, P. Subduction tectonics and exhumation of high-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Mediterranean orogens. Am. J. Science 303, 353-409 (2003).

4 Jolivet, L. et al. in Gneiss domes in orogeny Geological Society of America Special Paper 380 (eds D L Whitney, C Teyssier, & C S Siddoway) 185-210 (Geological Society of America, 2004).

5 Jolivet, L. et al. Softening trigerred by eclogitization, the first step toward exhumation during continental subduction. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 237, 532-547 (2005).

6 Jolivet, L., Augier, R., Robin, C., Suc, J. P. & Rouchy, J. M. The geodynamic context of the Messinian salinity crisis. Sedimentary Geology 188-189, 9-33 (2006).

7 Jolivet, L. et al. Subduction, convergence and the mode of backarc extension in the Mediterranean region. Bull Soc géol France 179, 525-550 (2008).

8 Jolivet, L., Faccenna, C. & Piromallo, C. From Mantle to crust: stretching the Mediterranean. Earth Planet. Sci. lett. 285, 198–209, doi:110.1016/j.epsl.2009.1006.1017 (2009).

9 Jolivet, L. et al. The North Cycladic Detachment System. Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett. 289 87-104, doi:110.1016/j.epsl.2009.1010.1032 (2010).

10 Jolivet, L. et al. The geological signature of a slab tear below the Aegean. Tectonophysics 659 166–182, 166–182, doi:110.1016/j.tecto.2015.1008.1004 (2015).

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