Herbert E. Huppert - Selected Publications#

  • Huppert, H.E. (2000) "Geological fluid mechanics". In: Perspectives in Fluid Dynamics: A Collective Introduction to Current Research", eds. G. K. Batchelor, H.K. Moffatt and M.G. Worster. Cambridge University Press, pp. 447-506.
  • Huppert, H.E. (2000) "George Keith Batchelor". J. Fluid Mech. 421, 1-14.
  • Huppert, H.E. and Woods, A.W. (2002) "The role of volatiles in magma chamber dynamics", Nature 420, 493-495.
  • Lube, G., Huppert, H.E., Sparks, R.S.J and Hallworth, M.A. (2004) "Axisymmetric collapses of granular columns", J. Fluid Mech. 508, 175-199.
  • Lyle, S., Huppert, H.E., Hallworth, M.A. and Chadwick, A. (2005) "Axisymmetric gravity currents in a porous medium", J. Fluid Mech. 543, 293-302.
  • Huppert, H.E. (2006) "Gravity currents: a personal perspective", J. Fluid Mech. 554, 299-322.
  • Huppert, H.E. and Sparks, R.S.J. (2006) "Extreme Natural Hazards: population growth, globalisation and environmental change", Phil.Trans. R. Soc. A 364, 1875-1888.
  • Peppin, S.S.L., Aussillous, P., Huppert, H.E. and Worster, M.G. (2007) "Steady-state mushy layers: experiments and theory", J. Fluid Mech 570, 69-77.
  • Huppert, H.E. and Hallworth, M.A. (2007) "Bi-directional flows in constrained systems", J. Fluid Mech. 578, 95-112.
  • Bickle, M. Chadwick, A., Huppert, H.E., Hallworth, M.A. and Lyle, S. (2007) "Modelling carbon dioxide accumulation at Sleipner: Implications for underground carbon storage", Earth Planet.Sci.Lett. 255, 164-176.
  • Peppin, S.S.L., Huppert, H.E. and Worster, M.G. (2008) "Steady-state solidification of aqueous ammonium chloride", J. Fluid Mech. 599, 465-476.

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