Nikolaus Himmelmann - Selected Publications#

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1. Himmelmann, N. (2014). Asymmetries in the prosodic phrasing of function words: Another look at the suffixing preference. Language 90:927-960 [Best Paper in Language Award 2014]

2. Reinöhl, U and Himmelmann, N. (2017). Renewal: A figure of speech or a process sui generis? Language 93: 381-413

3. Himmelmann, N., Sandler, M., Strunk, J. and Unterladstetter, V. (2018). On the universality of intonational phrases – a crosslinguistic interrater study. Phonology 35.2

4. Himmelmann, N. and Riesberg, S. (2013). Symmetrical voice and applicative alternations: Evidence from Totoli. Oceanic Linguistics 52:396-422

5. Himmelmann, N. (2012). Linguistic data types and the interface between language documentation and description. Language Documentation & Conservation 5:187-207

6. Himmelmann, N. (2008). Lexical categories and voice in Tagalog. In: Peter Austin & Simon Musgrave (eds), Voice and Grammatical Relations in Austronesian Languages. Stanford: CSLI, 247-293

7. Himmelmann, N. (2005). The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar: Typological characteristics. In: Alexander Adelaar & Nikolaus P. Himmelmann (eds), The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar. 110-181, London: Routledge.

8. Himmelmann, N. and Schultze-Berndt, E. (2005). Issues in the syntax and semantics of participant-oriented adjuncts: an introduction. In: N. Himmelmann & E. Schultze-Berndt (eds), Secondary predication and adverbial modification. Oxford University Press, 1-67

9. Himmelmann, N. (2004). Lexicalization and grammaticization: opposite or orthogonal? In: W. Bisang, N.P. Himmelmann & B. Wiemer (eds), What makes grammaticalization - a look from its components and its fringes. 21-42, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter

10. Himmelmann, N. (1997). Deiktikon, Artikel, Nominalphrase: Zur Emergenz syntaktischer Struktur. Tübingen: Niemeyer

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