Olivier Hekster - Selected Publications#

Hekster, O.J., Betjes, S., Heijnen, S., Iannantuono, K, Manders. E.E.J & Syrbe, D. (2019), ‘Accommodating Political Change under the Tetrarchy (293 – 306)’, Klio 101, 610-639

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Hekster, O.J. (2016). ‘The Size of History: Coincidence, Counterfactuality and Questions of Scale in History’, in N.P. Landsman/ E.J. van Wolde (eds.), The Challenge of Chance: A Multidisciplinary Approach from Science and the Humanities. (pp. 215-232) New York: Springer

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Hekster, O.J., Manders, E.E.J. & Slootjes, D. (2014). Making history with coins: Nero from a numismatic perspective. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 45 (1), 25-37.

Hekster, O.J. (2014). Son of two fathers? Trajan and the adoption of emperorship in the Roman Empire. The History of the Family, 19 (3), 380-392

Hekster, O.J. (2010), Trophy kings and Roman power: a Roman perspective on client kingdoms. In T. Kaizer & M. Facella (Eds.), Client kingdoms in the Roman Near East. (pp. 45-55). Stuttgart: Steiner Verlag.

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Hekster, O.J. (2002). Commodus: An Emperor at the Crossroads. Amsterdam: Gieben.

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