Konstantin Hadjiivanov - Major Publications#

1. K. Hadjiivanov, Identification of Neutral and Charged Surface NOx Species by IR Spectroscopy,
Catalysis Reviews — Science and Engineering, 42 (2000) 71-144.
Ranked by ISI among the top papers for Bulgaria
Citations acc. to ISI, 361; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 383.

2. K. Hadjiivanov and D. Klissurski, Surface Chemistry of Titania (Anatase) and Titania-supported Catalysts, Chemical Society Reviews, 25 (1996) 61-69.
Ranked by ISI among the top papers for Bulgaria
Citations acc. to ISI, 249; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 241.

3. K. Hadjiivanov and G. Vayssilov, Characterization of Oxide Surfaces and Zeolites by Carbon Monoxide as an IR Probe Molecule. Advances in Catalysis, 47 (2002) 307-511.
Ranked by ISI among the top papers for Bulgaria
Citations acc. to ISI, 239; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 251.

4. K. Hadjiivanov, J. Saussey, J.-L. Freysz and J.-C. Lavalley, FTIR Study of NO + O2 Co-adsorption on H—ZSM-5: Re-assignment of the 2133 cm-1 Band to N0+ Species, Catalysis Letters, S2 (1998) 103-108.
Ranked by ISI among the top papers for Bulgaria
Citations acc. to ISI, 158; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 163.

5. K. Hadjiivanov, D. Klissurski, G. Ramis and G. Busca, Fourier Transform IR Study of NOX Adsorption on a Cu-ZSM-5 DeNOx Catalyst, Applied Catalysis B, 7 (1996) 251-167.
Citations acc. to ISI, 106; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 112.

6. K. Hadjiivanov, M. Kantcheva and D. Klissurski, IR Study of CO Adsorption on Cu-ZSM-5 and CuO/SiO2 Catalysts: σ- and π-Components of the Cu+-CO Bond, Journal ofthe Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions, 92 (1996) 4595-4600.
Citations acc. to ISI, 108; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 19.

7. K. Hadjiivanov, J.-C. Lavalley, J. Lamotte, F. Mauge, J. Saint-Just and M. Che, FTIR Study of CO Interaction with Ru/TiO2 Catalysts, Journal of Catalysis, 176 (1998) 415-425.
Citations acc. to ISI, 73; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 79.

8. K. Hadjiivanov, H. Knozinger, B. Tsyntsarski and L. Dimitrov, Effect of Water on the Reduction of NOx, with Propane on Fe-ZSM-5. An FTIR Mechanistic Study, Catalysis Letters, 62 (1999) 35-40.
Citations acc. to ISI, 62; citations acc. to SCOPUS, ‘67.

9. M.A. Centeno, K. Hadjiivanov, Tz. Venkov, Hr. Klimev and J.A. Odriozola, Comparative Study of Au/Al2 O3 and Au/Ce02-Al2 O3 Catalysts, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A, 252 (2006) 142-149.
Citations acc. to ISI, 35; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 36.

10. Y. Hao, M. Mihay1ov, E. Ivanova, K. Hadjiivanov, H. Knozinger and B.C. Gates, CO Oxidation Catalyzed by Gold Supported on MgO: Spectroscopic Identification of Carbonate-like Species Bonded to Gold during Catalyst Deactivation, Journal of Catalysis, 261 (2009) 137-149.
Citations acc. to ISI, 10; citations acc. to SCOPUS, 11.
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