Anne-Marie Guillemard - Publications (since 2000)#

Books and management books

2010 - A.-M. Guillemard, The challenges of aging. Age, employment, pensions: international perspectives , Paris, Armand Colin, 368 p., October 2010.
2008 - A.-M. Guillemard, Whither Welfare? (eds), Presses Universitaires de France (coll. "Social Link"), 2008.
2007 - A.-M. Guillemard, Prolonging the aging workforce. Which policy levers? Lessons from abroad in Lyon, NAALC Publishing Network (National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions), 2007, 48 p.
2006 - Guillemard A.-M. and A. Jolivet, De employment for seniors to age management policies and social issues , Paris, La Documentation French, 924, May 2006, 110 p.
2005 - Guillemard A.-M. and J. Goul-Andersen, P. Jensen, B. Pfau-Effinger (Eds.), The Changing Face of Welfare , Bristol, Policy Press. 2005.
2004 - Guillemard A.-M. and P. Ansah, M. Legrand, M. Messu (ed.), When life gets longer. France-Japan , L'Harmattan, Coll. "Social Logic," Paris, 2004.
2003 - A.-M. Guillemard, The age of employment. Companies face the test of Aging , Ed Armand Colin, Paris, May 2003.
2000 - A.-M. Guillemard, Aging and the Welfare State Crisis , Newark, Delaware University Press. Cranbury. New Jersey USA. 333 p. + Biblio., Index. 2000.

Contributions to collective works

2008 - Guillemard A.-M. and A. Jolivet, "Pulling Up the anchor early retirement in France," in P. Taylor (ed.), Ageing Labour Forces Promises and Prospects , Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2008, p. 158-173.
A.-M. Guillemard, Introduction and conclusion in Guillemard A.-M. (eds), Whither Welfare? , Paris, PUF, 2008, p. 6-19 and p. 360-371.
A.-M. Guillemard, "A life course more flexible, new risk profiles on social protection issues", in Guillemard (eds), Whither Welfare? , Paris, PUF, 2008, p. 27-50.
2007 - A.-M. Guillemard, "A new solidarity between the ages and generations in a society of longevity", in S. Paugam (Eds), Rethinking Solidarity , PUF, Paris, 2007, p. 355-378.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Public Policies and Age cultures in the societies of long life", in Guillemard, Legrand, Messu (Eds.), Longevity and Public Policy. France-Japan comparative approaches , Presses Universitaires de Nancy, 2007, p. 61-84.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Towards a new age management and social time in response to an aging population: an international perspective", in D. G. Trembaly (eds), From a Culture of retirement to a new age management , Presses de l'Université du Québec, 2007, p. 15-32.
A.-M. Guillemard, "The fight against discrimination taking into account the age," in an eons Dating Parliamentarians against Discrimination and for Equality . Proceedings of the meetings held November 28, 2006 organized by JM Dubernard, P. Houillon (MPs) and L. Schweizer (President Halde ), March 2007, p. 129-146
A.-M. Guillemard, "The role of older workers in employment", in T. Barnay, C. Sermet (eds), Aging in Europe. Biological and social economic , French Documentation, 2007, p. 127-144.
2006 - A.-M. Guillemard, "What age for employment. What new age management at work ", in H. Gautier, L. MacDonald, G. Paquet, L. Stone, M. Townson (eds.), New Frontiers of Research about Retirement and Other later-life transitions , Ottawa, 2006.
2005 - A.-M. Guillemard, "The social construction of the category of" older worker "in a comparative perspective" in J.-Cl. Barbier and M.-Th. Letablier (ed.), Social Policy / Social Policies , Pieterlen, Switzerland, PIE-Peter Lang, 2005, p. 229-245.
A.-M. Guillemard, The advent of a flexible life-course & the reconfiguration of welfare "in Goul Andersen, Guillemard, Jensen, Pfau-Effinger (Eds.), The Changing Face of Welfare , Bristol, Policy Press, 2005 , p. 55-74.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Conclusion: Policy Change Welfare regimes and active citizenship" in collaboration with Goul Andersen, in Goul Andersen, Guillemard, Jensen, Pfau-Effinger (Eds.), The Changing Face of Welfare , Bristol, Policy Press , 2005, p. 257-271.
2004 - A.-M. Guillemard and D. Argoud, "France: A Country With A deep early exit culture", in B. De Vroom, T. Maltby, Mirabile ML., E. Overby (Ed.), Ageing and Transition to Retirement , Ashgate, 2004, p. 147-165.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Retirement and Older, "in C. Jeandel (Eds.), Aging XXI th century a new deal, Universalis, (coll. "Around the subject"), Paris, 2004, p. 119-127.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Aging and end of career: An International Perspective 'contribution to development seminar" Careers and life time "of the ACI Labour in the Ministry of Research (ed.) Labour Movements . Four years of research, 1999-2002 , 2004.


2010 - A.-M. Guillemard, "The employment of youth and senior citizens goes hand in hand," the Tribune, July 13, 2010.

2007 - A.-M. Guillemard, "Una nuova gestione delle società in una Età Longevas" delle Politiche Sociali La Revista , 3, (special issue "Corso di vita"), 2007, p. 131-148.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Why France can not go up significantly the time of employment for older workers? " The ENA off the walls , 376, (special issue "Retirement and retirees), November 2007, p. 14-19.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Why is age in France the first factor of discrimination in employment? " Retirement and Society , 51 June 2007, p. 12-27.
"Companies who are aging: Disaster or Opportunity" magazine Hospitals, Health and Society , ("Successful Aging in the twenty th century), 2 April 2007, p. 24-26.
2005 -A.-M. Guillemard, "Public Policy and cultures of age. An International Perspective ', Politix , 18 (72) (No. devoted to "Policy (ies) in Aging), 2005, p. 79-98.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Employment of older workers: a challenge for our society to aging and longevity" Wallonia (special issue quarterly "Wallonia Demographic Challenges") , 82 March 2005, p. 67-76.
A.-M. Guillemard, Recension of Robert Castel , social insecurity, Le Seuil, 2003, in French Review of Sociology, 1,2005.
A.-M. Guillemard, "A new age management in response to an aging population," Sociologia, 15, 2005, p. 317-336.
2004 - A.-M. Guillemard, "Employment of older workers. Lessons from Northern Europe and Japan, " Gerontology and Society , 111 (special issue "Age and Work"), December 2004, p. 29-45.
A.-M. Guillemard, "A new age management", Societal , 45, 3 rd quarter 2004, p. 48-52.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Companies in the test of Aging: The Challenge of Employment in the second half of their careers," Futuribles , 299, July-August 2004, p. 45-64.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Pension Reform. Resources for seniors, " La Recherche , (special issue, "a year of science '), 371, January 2004, p. 66-69.
2003 - A.-M. Guillemard, "France: Struggling to Find a Way Out of the Early Exit Culture" and "Company Practices and Public Policies regarding Age: Lessons Drawn from Comparisons," The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance , 28 (4) , October 2003. p. P. 558 -574 and 673-676.
A.-M. Guillemard, "Public Policies and defining stages of life," contribution to the 2 nd Biennial in the Future Economic and Social Council . Proceedings of the Symposium, The ages of life. Personal trajectories, collective responsibility , Paris, 2003, p. 15-18.
2002 - A.-M. Guillemard, "Social Europe in perspective" of the French Review of Sociology , 2 (special issue coordinated and introduced by), 2002 205-211
A.-M. Guillemard, "Continental Europe facing early retirement. Institutional barriers and innovations in reform ", French Review of Sociology , 2, 2002 333-368.
A.-M. Guillemard, "The fifties on the labor market in Europe and relegation between embrittlement," Retraite et Société , 37, 2002 14-63.

Research Reports

2007 - A.-M. Guillemard, (and D. Vilchien) "Towards a Cultural Revolution: Managing the diversity of ages and career paths," Report of the High Council of Population and Family (HCPF), 2007.
2004 - A.-M. Guillemard, J. Gautié (eds), "Age management and intergenerational relationships in large enterprises: case studies", June 2004, 260 pages

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