Grosveld Frank - Selected publications#

  • Mylona M, Andrieu-Soler C, Thongjuea S, Martella A, Soler E, Jorna R, Hou J, Kockx C, van IJcken W, Lenhard B and Grosveld F (2013), Genome-wide analysis shows that Ldb1 controls essential hematopoietic genes/pathways in mouse early development and reveals novel players in hematopoiesis, Blood 121:2902-2913
  • Ghamari A, van de Corput M, Thongjuea S, van Cappellen W, van Ijcken W, van Haren J, Soler E, Eick D, Lenhard B and Grosveld F (2013), In vivo live imaging of RNA polymerase II transcription factories in primary mouse cells, Genes and Dev 27:767–777
  • Eric Soler, Charlotte Andrieu-Soler, Ernie de Boer, Jan Christian Bryne, Supat Thongjuea, Ralph Stadhouders, Robert-Jan Palstra, Christel Kockx, Wilfred van IJcken, Jun Hou, Christine Steinhoff, Erikjan Rijkers, Boris Lenhard and Frank Grosveld (2010), The Genome Wide Dynamics of the Binding of the Ldb1 Complex during Erythroid Differentiation, Genes Dev 24:277-289
  • Stadhouders R, Thongjuea S, Andrieu-Soler C, Palstra RJ, Bryne JC, van den Heuvel A, Stevens M, de Boer E, Kockx C, van der Sloot A, van den Hout M, van Ijcken W, Eick D, Lenhard B, Grosveld F, Soler E (2011), Dynamic long-range chromatin interactions control Myb proto-oncogene transcription during erythroid development, EMBO J 31(4):986-99
  • Kolovos P, Knoch TA, Grosveld FG, Cook PR, Papantonis A (2012), Enhancers and silencers: an integrated and simple model for their function, Epigenetics Chromatin 5(1):1

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