Joachim Gottsmann - Selected Publications#

Total peer reviewed publications: 83

Hickey, J., Gottsmann, J., Nakamichi, H., and Iguchi, M., 2016, Thermomechanical controls on magma supply and volcanic deformation: application to Aira caldera, Japan. Scientific Reports, v. 6, p. 32691.

Hemmings, B., Coco, A., Gottsmann, J., and Whitaker, F., 2016, Investigating hydrological contributions to volcano monitoring signals. Geophysical Journal International, v. 207, p. 259-273.

Saxby, J., Gottsmann, J., Cashman, K.V. and Gutierrez, E., 2016. Magma storage in a strike-slip collapse caldera. Nature Communications, 7:12295.

Gottsmann, J., 2015, Volcanic unrest and short-term forecasting capacity; in: Loughlin, S., Sparks, R., Brown, S., Jenkins, S., and Vye-Brown, C., eds., Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 317-321.

Christie, R., Cooke, O., and Gottsmann, J., 2015, Fearing the knock on the door: critical security studies insights into limited cooperation with disaster management regimes. Journal of Applied Volcanology, 4,19.

Bretton, R., Gottsmann, J., Aspinall, W. P., and Christie, R., 2015, Implications of legal scrutiny processes (including the L’Aquila trial and other recent court cases) for future volcanic risk governance. Journal of Applied Volcanology v. 4:18

Muller, C., del Potro, R., Biggs, C. J., Gottsmann, J., Ebmeier, S., Guillaume, S., Cattin, P.-H., and Van der Laat, R., 2015, Integrated velocity field from ground and satellite geodetic techniques: application to Arenal volcano. Geophysical Journal International, v. 200, p. 863-879.

Odbert, H., Taisne, B., and Gottsmann, J., 2015, Deposit loading and its effect on co-eruptive volcano deformation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 413, 186-196.

Young, N., and Gottsmann, J., 2015, Shallow crustal mechanics from volumetric strain data: Insights from Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth, 120.1-13.

Gottsmann, J., and Odbert HM, 2014, The effects of thermo-mechanical heterogeneities in island-arc crust on time-dependent pre-eruptive stresses and the failure of an andesitic reservoir. Journal of Geophysical Research DOI: 10.1002/2014JB011079

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