Peter Goelitz#

Short laudatio by Michel Che#

Peter Goelitz has been with Angewandte Chemie for nearly 30 years. Scientific publishing has changed drastically over this time, and Peter Goelitz contributed enormously to the chemical world of scientific publishing, much to the benefit of chemists all over the world.

Angewandte Chemie has played a leading role in making journals more attractive to scientists and science journalists, which in turn has helped to improve on the coverage of chemistry in the lay press. Peter Goelitz made Angewandte Chemie a truly international journal and spurred the competition, not the least the ACS journals, to improve in similar direction. Peter Goelitz created new sections in the journal, e.g. Highlights and Essays, and it is especially the latter type of articles that can be used as a forum to discuss on a high level philosophical, ethical, political, and historical aspects of our science.

Peter Goelitz saw early on the development of interdisciplinary fields in need of a forum to present the relevant research and to give chemistry a leading role in them (Materials Science and Chemistry lead to the founding of Advanced Materials in 1988, Chemical Biology to the founding of ChemBioChem in 2000, the Nano/Micro interface to the founding of Small). Peter Goelitz contributed to strengthen chemical publishing in Europe: the start of Chemistry - A European Journal- together with J.-M. Lehn - lead quickly to a totally revamped journals scene in Europe; as a result, many of the traditional single-country based European chemistry journals were given up in the late l990ies. Peter Goelitz started - together with R. Noyori - Chemistry - An Asian Journal, and it might well have a similar effect in Asia. Both the European and the Asian “Chemistry" foster an international thinking of chemists which is most beneficial for the future of our discipline. Noteworthy has been his continuous efforts to improve the quality and writing of papers and particularly reviews.

Finally, Peter Goelitz became a role model for others; he has been quite influential through his training of young scientific editors. The editors of Chemistry - A European Journal, the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, and the European Journal of Organic Chemistry learned from him as well as many others in the second line. He emphasized especially the ethical aspects of the publishing process which is becoming an ever more important problem in a time in which scientists are under enormous pressure to "sell their results at the highest price”.

The many facets of his work have made Peter Goelitz an influential figure in chemistry and beyond, and he uses his role to the benefit of the scientific community throughout the world.

As Editor-in-chief of Angewandte Chemie (with a most recent Impact Factor of almost 12.0, the most influential chemistry journal in the world), Goelitz has written numerous Editorials. He has contributed to the discussion among chemists through lectures participation in panel discussions about scientific publishing (particularly in Asia more recently). One of his maj or achievements was the organization of a symposium on the Frontiers of Chemistry (May 21, 2010 in Paris), jointly with Wiley and the French Chemical Society. 4 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry actively participated to that meeting: J Lehn, G. Ertl, R. Tsien and A. Yonath. It is striking to see that Peter Goelitz invited Prof. A. Yonath before she was awarded her Nobel Prize.

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