Javier Esparza - Publications#

Five most cited publications (according to Google Scholar, February 2011)

1) Free Choice Petri Nets, Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science 40, Cambridge University Press (1995).
Over 600 citations (total number, the book is cited in different forms).

2) A. Bouajjani, J. Esparza and O. Maler: Reachability Analysis of Pushdown Automata: Application to Model-Checking. Proceedings of CONCUR '97, A. Mazurkiewicz and J. Winkowski (eds.), LNCS 1243, 135--150 (1997).
Over 400 citations.

3) J. Esparza, S. Roemer and W. Vogler: An Improvement of McMillan's Unfolding Algorithm. Formal Methods in System Design 20, 285-310 (2002).
Over 300 citations.

4) J. Esparza, D. Hansel, P. Rossmanith and S. Schwoon: Efficient Model Checking Algorithms for Pushdown Systems. Proceedings of CAV '00, E.A. Emerson and A.P. Sistla (eds.) , LNCS 1855, 232-247 (2000).
Over 250 citations.

5) J. Esparza and M. Nielsen: Decidability Issues for Petri Nets - a survey. Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics 30(3), 143-160 (1994).
Over 250 citations.

Some publications of the last five years

6) J. Esparza and K. Heljanko: Unfoldings - a Partial-order Approach to Model Checking. EATCS Monographs in Computer Science, Springer (2008). (Monograph)

7) J. Esparza, S. Kiefer, and M. Luttenberger: Newtonian Program Analysis. Journal of the ACM 57(6) (2010).

8) J. Esparza, S. Kiefer, and M. Luttenberger: Computing the Least Fixed Point of Positive Polynomial Systems. SIAM Journal of Computing, 39(6): 2282-2335 (2010).

9) J. Esparza, A. Kucera and R. Mayr: Model Checking Probabilistic Pushdown Systems. Logical Methods in Computer Science 2(1) (2006).

10) J. Esparza and P. Ganty. Complexity of Pattern-based Verification. Proceedings of POPL 11 (2011).

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