Peter Denning - Selected Publications#

PAPERS (BP = best paper award)

1968 [BP twice], The Working Set Model for Program Behavior, Comm ACM, May, 323-333 [BP 1968, SIGOPS Hall of Fame 2005]

1968, Thrashing, Its Causes and Prevention, AFIPS Conf Proc (FJCC), 915-922

1970, Virtual Memory, ACM Computing Surveys, Sept, 153-189

1978, Operational Analysis of Queueing Networks (with J. Buzen), ACM Computing Surveys, Sept, 29-60

1972 [BP], Operating Systems Principles and Undergraduate Computer Science Education, AFIPS Conf Proc (SJCC), 849-855

1976, Optimal Multiprogramming (with K. Kahn, J. Leroudier, D. Potier, R. Suri), Acta Informatica No. 2, 197-216

1980, Working Sets Past and Present, IEEE Trans Software Engr, Jan, 64-84

1989, Computing as a Discipline (with D. Comer, D. Gries, M. Mulder, A. Tucker, J. Turner, P. Young), Comm ACM, Jan, 9-23

1995, Completing the Loops (with R. Medina-Mora), ORSA/TIMS Interfaces, May, 42-57

2016 [BP], The Long Quest for Computational Thinking (with M. Tedre), Koli Proc Computing Education and Research, Nov, 24-27

2017 [BP], Computational Thinking in Science, American Scientist, Jan, 13-17.

2019 [BP], Automation Will Change Sea Power (with J. Arquilla), Proc US Naval Institute, June (essay contest winner)

2010 [BP], Great Principles of Computing, American Scientist, Sep, 369-372

2020 [BP], Uncertainty (with T. Lewis), Comm ACM, Dec, 26-28 (BP)

2021, Working Set Analytics, ACM Computing Survey (53,6), 36pp.


1973, Operating System Theory (with E. G. Coffman), Prentice-Hall

1978, Machines, Languages, and Computation (with J. Dennis and J. Qualitz), Prentice-Hall

2010, The Innovator's Way (with R. Dunham), MIT Press

2015, Great Principles of Computing (with C. Martell), MIT Press

2019, Computational Thinking (with Matti Tedre), MIT Press


Citations: 32,620
h-index: 76

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