Bart De Moor - Selected Publications#

1) P Van Overschee, BL De Moor, "Subspace identification for linear systems: Theory—Implementation—Applications",
Springer Science & Business Media 2012 (5522 Google scholar citations)

2) P Van Overschee, B De Moor, "N4SID: Subspace algorithms for the identification of combined deterministic-stochastic systems"
Automatica 30 (1), 75-93 1994 (2459 Google scholar citations)

These two publications deal with the method of subspace identification that he designed with his PhD student P Van Overschee. It has become a standard method for initializing system identification software.

3) L De Lathauwer, B De Moor, J Vandewalle, "A multilinear singular value decomposition"
SIAM journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 21 (4), 1253-1278 2000 (4622 Google scholar citations)

This has become the standard method for generalizing the singular value decomposition to tensors, that has been and still is widely used and referenced.

4) S Durinck, Y Moreau, A Kasprzyk, S Davis, B De Moor, A Brazma, ..."BioMart and Bioconductor: a powerful link between biological databases and microarray data analysis", Bioinformatics 21 (16), 3439-3440 2005 (1749 Google scholar citations)

Important trend setting contribution to the analysis of different databases in bioinformatics.

5) F Verstraete, J Dehaene, B De Moor, H Verschelde, "Four qubits can be entangled in nine different ways"
Physical Review A 65 (5), 052112, 2002 (830 Google scholar citations)

He supervised with a colleague two PhD students F Verstraete, J Dehaene that developed novel linear algebra methods for entanglement.

6) JC Willems, P Rapisarda, I Markovsky, BLM De Moor, "A note on persistency of excitation"
Systems & Control Letters 54 (4), 325-329, 2005 (471 Google scholar citations)

Deep insights in the importance and the role of the excitation signals in system identification.

7) Vermeersch C., De Moor B., "Two Double Recursive Block Macaulay Matrix Algorithms to Solve Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problems", IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 7, Jun. 2022, pp. 319-324

Recent work in the framework of his ERC grant.

8) Shi X., Qu T., van Pottelbergh G., Van den Akker M., De Moor B., "A resampling method to improve the prognostic model of end-stage kidney disease : A better strategy imbalanced data", Frontiers in Medicine, vol. 9, Mar. 2022, pp. 730-748

Recent nice method for biomedicine.

9) Nijs M., Smets T., Waelkens E., De Moor B., "A Mathematical Comparison of Non-negative Matrix Factorization-Related Methods with Practical Implications for the Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data", Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, vol. 35, no. 21, Aug. 2021, pp. e9181 1-16.

Nice interdisciplinary research with value in biomedicine.

10)De Moor B., "Least squares optimal realisation of autonomous LTI systems is an eigenvalue problem", Communications in Information and systems, vol. 20, no. 2, 2020, pp. 163-207.

Recent work in the framework of his ERC grant.

Bibliometry 69853 citations; H-index 117;-
Web of Science: H-index 72; Total cited: 21 482 (without self-citation: 20 904)-
Ranked 15th all-time top PhD advisors in mathematics (

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