Jeff De Hosson - Biography#

Professor Jeff Th.M. De Hosson holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (with honours and highest distinction) and after his postdoctoral years in USA (Northwestern U. and UC-Berkeley) he was appointed professor in 1977 by the Crown (R.D. 101, H.M. Queen Juliana).

His passion is to carry out innovative research in the field of materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology with particular emphasis on: advances in microscopy, in-situ transmission and in-situ scanning electron microscopy; nanostructured materials, e.g. nano-clusters, nano-foams, nano-objects, composite coatings and high power lasers for applications in transportation, communications, and data processing.

He is elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Royal Holland Society of Science and Humanities, editor of 4 international journals, member of editorial boards of 14 journals and Elected Fellow of various foreign scientific societies, including TMS-USA and ASM-USA.

He acts as Honorary Professor of Tsinghua Un -Beijing, UST-Beijing and Port Elisabeth –SA. He holds several patents and received a number of renowned and illustrious international awards, including the prestigious European Materials Gold Medal in 2005 and the prestigious Nanostructured Materials Prize, NanoSmat prize 2009.

His research has built bridges between science and engineering of materials, and has provided elegant solutions to complex engineering problems in materials technology. His activity in the field of laser surface science and engineering is evaluated as belonging to the best of three of such groups worldwide (Surface & Coatings Technology 202, 5863, 2008). According to The “Stratgische Research Agenda Nanotechnologie” by the Netherlands Organization for Research (NWO - the Hague, 2008) Professor De Hosson belongs to the top 4 in publication output, out of 150 groups in this field.

He published more than 1000 publications in international scientific journals, including 190 papers in conference proceedings, 31 elaborate review papers /chapters in books and 19 books editor.

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